TWU sues British Columbia Law Society for violating the human rights of its future law grads

'We have no choice but to proceed legally,' says Trinity Western University's president, Bob Kuhn.
Fri Dec 19, 2014 - 12:44 pm EST
Bob Kuhn
Trinity Western University

Trinity Western University announced today it would sue the Law Society of British Columbia after it refused to accept graduates from the private Christian institution’s proposed law school.

TWU, a 52-year-old university based in Langley, B.C. that trains nurses, teachers, and MBAs, is already suing the legal professions of Ontario and Nova Scotia for refusing to accept its law grads and is in court in the latter province this week.

“We have no choice but to proceed legally,” explained Bob Kuhn, president of Trinity Western, after the B.C. Law Society decided on October 31 to reject the proposed school’s graduates because TWU would require them through its “community covenant” to refrain from sex outside marriage, including  homosexual behaviour.

The B.C. legal profession is the likeliest destination for its graduates and the second largest English-speaking body of lawyers in Canada.

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Kuhn noted that the law societies of four other Canadian provinces had accepted TWU grads, as had the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, while both the B.C. Civil Liberties Association and the Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver also backed its bid.

While the hostile law societies argue that TWU is discriminating against homosexuals, Kuhn said the opposite was the truth: TWU teaches respect for all people regardless of sexual orientation. On the other hand the law societies were “prejudging our future law graduates not on their qualifications” but on their religious beliefs, and had thereby “infringed on the human rights of TWU and its students.”

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