Thursday January 14, 2010

U.K. Needs a “Tougher” Church: Former Archbishop of Canterbury

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

LONDON, January 14, 2010 ( – Lord Carey, who was succeeded as Archbishop of Canterbury by Rowan Williams, has stated that unless established religion speaks out to preserve the country’s Christian heritage the nation’s future “social harmony” is at risk.

Lord Carey said, “I think we need a tougher Church. We Christians are very often so soft that we allow other people to walk over us and we are not as tough in what we want, in expressing our beliefs, because we do not want to upset other people.

“We have got to be more outspoken.”

The comments were made after a meeting of the parliamentary Cross-Party Group on Balanced Migration, which called on the government to look at the immigration policies now in place in order to keep the UK’s population below 70 million.

Lord Carey said immigrants wanting to come to the U.K. should show an appreciation of Britain’s Christian heritage and warned that the country could be in “deep trouble” if immigration rates continue to rise. Currently the U.K. has an extremely high Islamic immigration rate. Last September it was reported that Mohammed is now the third most popular name in the U.K., and at the time there were more than 2 million Muslims living in the country.

Lord Carey said, “The statistics indicate that, if we carry on at the rate we are, our country is going to be in deep trouble and this is going to foster social unrest.

“I worry about my grandchildren. I want this country to carry on being one that values the Christian heritage, but most of all values the democratic standards and all that this country has fought over.

“It has been a battle – when you think, it has only been in last 100 years that the average man or woman has received the vote, so it has been a tough struggle. Our values therefore are very important to us, we want other people to recognize that and to be committed to it as well.”

Some commentators have seen Lord Carey’s statements as a criticism of the current head of the Anglican church, Rowan Williams, who in 2008 made a controversial announcement that he believed it was “unavoidable” that some parts of Islamic sharia law would be incorporated into British law.

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