WASHINGTON, D.C., November 12, 2013 ( – For the second time in as many weeks, the Supreme Court has refused to consider a pro-life Oklahoma state law that had been struck down by the state’s highest court.

On Tuesday, the Court refused to consider whether a law requiring abortionists to conduct ultrasounds and show and explain what the image shows before an abortion is constitutional. The law was declared unconstitutional by the Oklahoma Supreme Court. That decision will now stand. 

Oklahomans for Life State Chairman Tony Lauinger expressed disappointment with the Court’s decision to avoid the case. “We firmly believe the Oklahoma Supreme Court misconstrued the Casey decision in striking down the Oklahoma Ultrasound law,” said Lauinger. “Casey explicitly upholds the right of the states to provide for truly informed consent before an abortion.  That is exactly what the Oklahoma Ultrasound law did.”


The state's attorney general, Scott Pruit, also said he is “disappointed” in the decision, especially in light of the fact that a similar law in Texas was upheld by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. “The unfortunate message sent by the Oklahoma Supreme Court’s decision in this case is that when it comes to abortion regulations, what is legal in other states is illegal in Oklahoma,” he said. 

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The law was challenged in 2010 by abortion provider Nova Health Systems. An injunction was given to the law while the appeal to the Supreme Court was considered. 

This is the second Oklahoma abortion case America’s highest court has decided not to hear this session. The other case looked at whether an Oklahoma law requiring all abortion doctors to use medication as required by the Food and Drug Administration, specifically regarding RU-486, “effectively bans all medication abortions.” The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled against this law as well.