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(LifeSiteNews) — Ugandan students from at least 13 universities have responded to President Joe Biden’s threat to cut aid to the country over its newly passed anti-homosexuality law. Students took to the streets, singing in front of Parliament, We dont want your pro-gay money. We want and love our country more than money. 

The protests come as Biden and the U.S. State Department have threatened to interfere with Uganda’s internal affairs and cut monetary aid to the country. At the same time, Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni affirmed he would not be coerced by money. He declared, “If they cut aid, we shall sit down and discipline our expenditure, rearrange our budgets; if they interfere with our trade we shall trade with others.” 

The citizens and lawmakers of Uganda seem to be still keenly aware of the witness of the first Christian martyrs of their country, who were killed in horrific ways following incredible tortures because they refused to accept or consent to the homosexual acts of their king. They chose to suffer death rather than accept as something normal a sexual deviancy that Scripture calls a sin that cries to heaven for vengeance. 

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The Ugandan president, Parliament, people, and Christian leaders, including Catholic bishops, have expressed that the intention of the law against homosexuality is to protect marriages, families, and especially the young from homosexual predators who wish to practice and spread their sexual deviancy in society.  

The speaker of Parliament lauded lawmakers and President Museveni for standing up to protect the family. In a formal statement on the law she declared, “As Parliament of Uganda, we have heeded the concerns of our people and legislated to protect the sanctity of [the] family… We have stood strong to defend the Culture, Values, and aspirations of our people.” 

Acknowledging that society is built upon the family, which has its origin in marriage between one man and one woman, and that the practice of homosexuality attacks marriage at its root and foundation, since it departs from the natural order by which the union of a man and woman in marriage is a stable bond capable of bringing forth children, one Ugandan lawmaker declared, “A person proposing that there should be same-sex ‘marriages,’ sexual relationships, is a person that is not just attacking the family, but a person seeking to wipe the entire humanity out of the face of this earth.” 

Ugandans are also clearly aware that what they are dealing with is part of the agenda of the far-left in western countries, namely, that homosexuality and every other kind of sexual deviancy be not only accepted in society but privileged in ways similar to the marriage of one man and one woman.

They understand the extreme extent to which such an agenda descends in the aggressive attempts to protect legally the sexual mutilation and chemical castration of young children, often resulting in their death by suicide. Referring to the aggressively sexual agenda of the U.N., one human rights advocate stated, “They push a form of sexual, social colonization by getting to your children and seeking to change their worldview on issues of sexual orientation, gender identity, abortion, and they teach them about sexual pleasure and sexual acts. And we have their manuals used all throughout Africa.” 

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In April, the president of Uganda said that “Africa should provide the lead to save the world from this degeneration and decadence which is really very dangerous for humanity.” 

Ugandan Archbishop Paul Ssemogerere similarly told LifeSiteNews in a February interview that bishops in Uganda are very much aware of the outside pressure to conform to LGBT ideology and have been discussing ways to “resist” it, including raising awareness among young people in particular, since they represent a substantial part of the Ugandan population and feel that pressure to conform more than anyone else.  

That effort, it appears, is beginning to bear fruit.