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KAMPALA, January 12, 2004 ( – Uganda, the country acknowledged for having waged the most successful anti-AIDS battle in the world, owes most of the success of its program to President Museveni and his wife, First Lady, Janet Museveni. 

While ‘safe-sex’ pushers in the West have claimed that Uganda’s program has relied on condoms as a essential component, Uganda’s First Lady has said differently. 

Speaking at the official opening of an annual youth conference in Kampala, she told over 2000 young people, “You do not need sex at your age. Wait until you are married. You can choose to fight AIDS by saying no and be able to stay alive.” 

She told the teens to ignore those who push condoms noting that companies which promote such products are after money. 

“Don’t give your airtime to anyone talking to you about using condoms,” Ms Museveni said. Adding she could “not be apologetic” for objecting to them.  Rather she encouraged the young people to practice “God-centered” self-control. 

She called on all political leaders to constantly remind youth about abstinence before marriage and faithfulness within marriage. 

“You do not have to be a member of the movement or the opposition to do this. Always tell our young people not to engage in premarital sex,” she said. 

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