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The head of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), the UK's biggest abortion provider, said abortion should be available as easily as contraception and regarded as no more complicated than other minor procedures carried out by doctors.

In an article in The Independent, BPAS chief executive Ann Furedi called for the total decriminalization of abortion, and said the killing of pre-born children should be regulated just like “any other form of medical treatment.”

“Today, abortion is understood to be a fact of life,” Furedi wrote.

“We expect to plan our families using the contraception that is freely available cost-free on the NHS. But we know that contraception is not infallible, and nor are we.”

“We draw comfort from knowing that abortion is available as a back up to our chosen method of birth control. The existing laws are not fit for purpose – and the way abortion is provided today begs a simple question: why have a law at all?”

Furedi called the legal requirement that chemical abortions must be undertaken through a clinic an “absurdity,” and said the fact that a woman, after taking the deadly pills at a clinic, has to “belt home as fast as possible to beat the onset of their miscarriage” is a “farce.”

Ironically, the abortion chief described the flouting of the abortion laws in the UK accurately, noting that, “despite being one of the most restrictive laws in the developed world on paper, it is one of the most liberal in the way it can be interpreted.”

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“Although the [1967 Abortion] Act does not formally permit allow (sic) abortion on request, that is close to what it allows in practice,” saying that the reason most often presented to doctors for abortion-on-demand is to prevent “damage” to the mother's mental health.

Even more ironically, Furedi equates abortion and birth as two methods to “terminate a pregnancy,” but states that abortion is safer.

“With medical advances the risks of abortion have declined to the point where terminating a pregnancy in abortion is almost always safer than terminating it with a full term birth,” she wrote.

“So why not decriminalize abortion altogether? How crazy it is that, in the twenty first century, abortion should be a crime subject to ‘penal servitude for life’,” Furedi stated.