LONDON, August 9, 2004 ( – The UK government plans to allow chemical abortions to be carried out at home, rather than under the supervision of medical staff at hospitals or abortion clinics. The new guidelines are set to begin next month.  The drug, RU-486, already available to French and U.S. women for self-administration, has met with disastrous consequences—Since RU-486 received U.S. approval, Danco, the distributor of the drug there, has reported 400 complications to the FDA. These include one woman who died from an ectopic pregnancy, another who suffered a heart attack, and two 15-year olds who contracted life-threatening infections. Another woman in Canada died from a bacterial infection. At least two British women have already been killed by the drug.  Britain’s main abortion provider, BPAS, has lobbied heavily to have the chemical abortion available to women for home administration, arguing that it saves taxpayers the cost for more expensive in-clinic administration and also avoids more costly surgical abortion.

According to the new directive, after a pre-screening, women will be administered the first of two drugs by an abortionist, while a second drug is self-administered two days later at home. The second drug induces the expulsion of the already-dead baby, and is the more dangerous aspect of the entire process, often associated with protracted uterine hemorrhaging, or retained baby parts leading to infection.  Proponents say that allowing women to abort at home would be more humane because “they could then flush the fetal remains down a lavatory.” Nuala Scarisbrick, trustee of the pro-life charity Life, told the Daily Mail that, on the contrary, “This method of abortion would be one of the most unpleasant . . .Women will be bleeding heavily and passing the remains of what they know is a baby. It will be frightening and horrible if they are on their own.”“RU-486 has only one purpose – to kill a human being. But – as we have repeatedly warned – it also threatens women’s lives and health,” Concerned Women for America spokeswoman Wendy Wright said in response to the death of American Holly Marie Patterson from RU-486 last September. “Surely women should not be treated as collateral damage in the pursuit of making abortion accessible.”  Read the explanation:  Chemical Abortions Canadian Woman Dies In RU-486 Abortion Pill Test   tv