LONDON, December 1, 2003 ( –  Anglican Curate Joanna Jepson was granted permission by the courts to continue with a case against police for refusal to prosecute an abortionist who aborted a child at 24 weeks gestation due to a hare lip.  The case is being brought against Paul West, Chief Constable of West Mercia Police.  The curate herself had a congenital jaw disorder that was later corrected with surgery. Moreover, she has a 25-year-old brother with Downs Syndrome.  In comments to the media Rev. Jepson said, “I want to see a clarification of the law so that abortions do not take place for trivial reasons and so that discrimination against the disabled does not become widely accepted.  We need to resist the belief that the value of human life lies in physical perfection and have a wider understanding of disabilities so that disability is not seen purely in negative terms.” In other comments she said, “I just find it reprehensible to think that we could lose our lives for something which is only about physical perfection.”  See the coverage in The Times,,1-915714,00.html