Case illustrates bizarre consequences of IVF
Wed Feb 26, 2003 - 12:15 pm EST

LONDON, February 26, 2003 ( - Britain’s High Court has ruled that a black man, named only as “Mr. B,” is the legal father of mixed-race twins born to two white IVF parents, known as “Mr. and Mrs. A,” due to a bungled fertility process in which the wrong cells were combined in the laboratory.  The case illustrates some of the bizarre consequences of artificial fertility, which is still regarded by many as immoral. The ruling means the Mr. A will now have to “adopt” the twins if he wishes to become their legal father. And Mr. B, because he is the natural “father,” may now be able to claim a voice in how the twins are raised, even though they regard the A’s as their “parents.”“These two families have gone through an astonishingly traumatic experience,” the judge said. “I can’t think that anybody could consider any experience could be more traumatic.”  For BBC coverage:

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