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(LifeSiteNews) – New data published by the British government show that infections and deaths with the novel coronavirus among the fully COVID-jabbed – including those who have taken the booster shots – are on the rise while infections and deaths among the un-jabbed continue to decline.

The U.K. Health Security Agency (UKHSA) publishes a weekly “vaccine surveillance” report, the latest of which was made available on February 24, detailing the trends in performance of the currently available abortion-tainted COVID-19 shots against infection, hospitalization, and death with the virus.

According to the report, infections with COVID-19 are highest among the triple-jabbed between 18 and 80 years of age in the U.K. and at least three times greater than the unvaccinated in every age cohort except those under 18.

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In the most egregious cases, those who have taken booster shots represent over 40 times the risk of infection with COVID than those who remain untouched by the inoculations in the same age range.

The overall case count in England between January 24 and February 20 for COVID-19 was recorded as 1,490,464, with the triple-jabbed making up just over 50 percent of those cases and the double- and single-jabbed representing a combined 22 percent. The total “vaccinated” population’s susceptibility to infection, then, stands at around 72 percent, while the un-jabbed account for just over 27 percent.

The vast majority of infections among the un-jabbed were in children under 18, accounting for 75 percent of those cases although the single-jabbed represent the highest infected proportion of the child age group. Since the beginning of 2022, there has been a general trend towards lower vaccine effectiveness against the virus in every age group except the over 80 cohort, in which vaccine protection has remained relatively stable.

Over 18s account for some 91 percent of all COVID infections in England.

Regarding hospitalizations with the virus, the triple-vaccinated again stand out as the majority of cases, with about twice as many triple-jabbed individuals being admitted to hospital than those who have not taken any of the shots. Overall, having any number of COVID shots puts one at an almost three times greater risk of hospitalization with the virus than not taking the jabs.

Table 11

According to a report in the Daily Sceptic, vaccine effectiveness drops precipitously with time. Across all age ranges, the ability of the jab to halt infection with COVID not only wanes with time, but is significantly diminished by taking second and third doses. This led the Daily Sceptic to suggest that the data is “characteristic of a dose-effect, with the more doses given resulting in increased risk.”

Table 12 of the UKHSA data shows that deaths with the virus are again most prevalent among the triple-jabbed, who have suffered the vast majority of deaths in the weekly reporting.

Table 12

As the table shows, the un-jabbed account for just 559 of the 4,861 deaths associated with COVID-19 between January 24 and February 20, whereas 3,120 of those deaths were among the triple-jabbed and the remaining 1,182 deaths split between the single- and double-dosed.

Vaccine efficacy against death with the virus shows a similar downwards trend among all age groups with that of infection and hospitalization over time, with the Daily Sceptic showing that in the 40-50 year old cohort, effectiveness against death has steadily declined, meaning the number of deaths per 100,00 “vaccinated” individuals has increased since the start of the year.

The un-jabbed portion of the 40-50 group, on the other hand, has seen a stark decrease in deaths over the same period, with the number of weekly deaths roughly halving since the beginning of 2022. This trend is broadly replicated in each of the age groups, the Daily Sceptic added.

The declining performance of the jabs against infection and illness with the virus has also been recorded in Canada, where government data show around 70 percent of COVID-related deaths to be among the “fully vaccinated.”

Leading medical experts have also warned of serious injuries linked to the injections. The spike proteins in mRNA COVID shots, like those produced by Moderna and Pfizer, are “pathogenic” and “lethal to some,” Texas cardiologist and COVID-19 expert Dr. Peter McCullough lamented last fall.

By noting that autoimmune conditions may directly result from the jabs, he echoed experts like Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche and former Pfizer vice president Dr. Mike Yeadon.

“So, in the most kind of perverted way, it’s hard to say this, but the vaccine is, in a sense, giving people a dose of a product of bioterrorism, by injection,” McCullough said.