By Elizabeth O’Brien

  UNITED KINGDOM, July 27, 2007 ( – The U.K. Girl Guides, an organization that originally promoted traditional Christian values,  has conformed to the modern sex-saturated culture by seeking a new course on “safe sex” practices.

  According to a report in the UK Times, the program is based on results from a survey of more than 1,000 Girl Guides in Britain. Attempting to keep in touch with the changing needs of modern women, the survey asked them what life skills they think are most important. For senior Guides, girls aged 16 and over, the hands down top priority was “money management”. Knowing how to practice “safe-sex” was fourth on the list.

  Younger age groups placed more traditional skills at the top of their list. Aged 10 to 15, for example, stated that “cooking a healthy meal” was the most important skill.

  Chief UK Girl Guide Liz Burnley said that future education programs will be based on these results, the Time reports. An organization spokesperson also underlined that the Girl Guides would meet the request for added information on sex education.

  The revelation comes as no surprise to readers.   As far back as 2000, the organization received American funding in order to promote its sexual agenda in third-world countries. In India, for example, young Boy Scouts and Girl Guides were trained to educate their peers on reproductive issues and consequently earn the new Healthy Adolescent Project Badge.

  In 2001 the U.K. Girl Guides worked in conjunction with the government-funded Sex Education Forum in order to introduce lesbianism to young guides. The learning would include “information” and “support” for young girls who needed to talk and in order to relieve teachers who were more reticent to approach the subject.

  The following year at the world conference in the Philipines, the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts honored the pro-abortion UN leader Nafis Sadik, former Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund. Not only did they feature her as the keynote speaker, but they also gave her a “World Leader Award.”

  At present there are 10 million Girl Guides throughout the world, and 500,000 reside in the United Kingdom. 

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