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LONDON, England, March 24, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – The British government are to begin encouraging members of the public to self-administer a COVID-19 test twice a week, in what they claim is an attempt to help “stop the spread” of the virus and begin lifting nationwide lockdown measures, according to a report in The Times.

The plan to urge adults in the U.K. to “play their part” in easing lockdown restrictions by adopting a habit of self-testing for COVID will reportedly be accompanied by a national sewage monitoring effort, which testing chiefs say will drive down so-called cases of infection with the virus.

The supposed role of sewage monitoring will be to quickly identify areas of particularly large outbreaks of the virus, to then roll out “surge testing” with a view to rendering national lockdowns a thing of the past. Local lockdowns have not yet been ruled out.

According to The Times, “[o]fficials accept this is the most optimistic scenario and are wary of over-promising after ministers touted the creation of Test and Trace last summer as the way to prevent future lockdowns,” which did nothing to stop the government-imposed restrictions.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a “roadmap” to easing lockdown restrictions at the end of February, wherein he stated a four-step plan to gradually reopen the economy and travel. The last step, number four, states the government’s “hope” that “all legal limits on social contact can be removed,” qualifying that this can be done “no earlier than 21 June.” Shops, bars, restaurants, gymnasia, arenas, and hotels are all to be opened before the removal of mandated physical distancing in stage four.

Emergency government powers in place at the moment, which allow the administration to impose restrictions otherwise unprecedented, are set to be extended by a further six months following a vote in Parliament on Thursday. This would draw out the possibility of keeping restrictions to at least September, three months after the earliest proposed date of all measures being removed.

Following warnings from the Head of Immunisation at Public Health England, Mary Ramsay, who claimed it is now “very important that we don’t relax too quickly,” the vote is expected to favor extending lockdown powers, despite protests from MPs within the ruling Conservative Party. Ramsay also suggested a need to wear face masks and physically distance “for a few years.”

Steve Baker, head of the Covid Recovery Group, has said he will vote against the extension of lockdown controls, deeming “the detention powers in the Coronavirus Act” as “disproportionate, extreme, and wholly unnecessary.” He added that “[r]enewing them would not be reconcilable with the Prime Minister’s guarantee that we are on a ‘one-way road to freedom’ by June 21.”

Conservative MP Adam Afriyie said: “I fear that some minds in government are focusing on arbitrary dates rather than looking at the reality of the data on hospitalisations and deaths, which is what we were told in January would determine the unlocking,” urging that the drop in deaths and “cases” should demonstrate no need to continue locking down.

Other Conservative MPs agreed, calling the proposed extension “authoritarian.”

The Government released a statement Monday, claiming to guarantee an end to restrictions at the promised time: “We do not want any restrictions to be in place longer than needed, which is why the regulations underpinning the roadmap expire at the end of June and must be reviewed at least every 35 days.”

LifeSiteNews spoke to David Kurten, London mayoral candidate and ardent opponent of the national lockdown measures being implemented globally. Kurten described the proposal to require COVID testing twice a week by the Johnson’s government as “a further slide into medical fascism.”

“There is no need for lockdown, mass vaccination or regular testing of the whole population for a virus which is no more deadly that the normal flu and which at least 99.7% of people overcome with their own immune systems,” he explained. “The measure will be especially tyrannical if, as expected, they will be rolled out along with ‘COVID passports’ and anyone who fails a COVID test will be excluded from society and denied access to shops, travel and work.”

Kurten backed a more measured approach, taking advantage of discoveries in medicine that remove the need for crushing civil restrictions and expensive, experimental vaccines. He suggested that, rather than “spending billions more pounds of taxpayers’ money on a state-sponsored scheme which will further erode freedom and enrich the corporations that manufacture the unnecessary testing, they should immediately open up the economy, restore all civil liberties and prescribe medicines such as ivermectin, that are known to be effective in combatting SARS-Cov-2.”

Christopher Snowdon of the Institute of Economic Affairs, a free-market think-tank, said on Monday that there was a strong case for easing restrictions earlier than the government has planned. “Even if the vaccination programme slows down next month, we are in a far better place than anybody expected in January,” Snowdon said. “There is a strong case for bringing the roadmap forward by four weeks.”

Contrary to Government minister’s statements on the vaccine rollout helping to rein in COVID-19, save lives, and bring an end to lockdowns, evidence is mounting to suggest that the so-called vaccines may actually be part of the problem.

On March 11, the British government released the latest updates to the nation’s “Yellow Card” system, the U.K. equivalent to America’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) on potential side effects arising from the Pfizer/BioNTech and the Oxford/AstraZeneca injections. 

By January 31, 2021, there were 244 deaths reported, 8 of which were listed as “spontaneous abortions.” The update, which covered the period from December 8, 2020, to February 28, 2021, reported 524 deaths, with 22 of them described as “spontaneous abortions” and the total number of deaths having doubled since January. 1 death was attributed to premature birth.

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