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LONDON, U.K., April 16, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – According to official data, COVID-19 injections have been followed by 847 deaths, and over 626,000 adverse effects, including more than 11,000 psychiatric disorders, 771 seizures, and 12 brain injuries.

The U.K. government has released its latest weekly update on adverse effects and deaths following the administration of the hastily developed COVID-19 injections. Between December 8 to April 5, there have now been 31.6 million first doses administered, and 5.4 million second doses. 

Despite persistent claims from government ministers and the mainstream media about the safety of the injections, the official data present a somewhat different picture.

By April 5, there were 314 deaths following Pfizer’s injection, 521 following AstraZeneca’s, and a further 12 deaths after an injection which was not identified as either of the two, thus making a total of 847 deaths following the injection. 

A total of 626,087 adverse side effects occurred, with 132,528 reported for Pfizer, and 492,105 for AstraZeneca. This total is up nearly 70,000 from the previous week’s report of 556,609 adverse side effects.

Following Pfizer’s jab, 42 “spontaneous abortions” (miscarriages) occurred, and after AstraZeneca’s injection, 19 spontaneous abortions took place, with two further still births. 

Pfizer’s jab was followed by 38 panic attacks, 5 instances of self-harm or attempted suicide, and a total of 2,115 psychiatric disorders. However, these figures were dwarfed by recipients of the AstraZeneca injection, where there have been 152 panic attacks, 8 instances of self-harm and attempted suicide, 50 occasions of “suicidal ideation,” 2 suicides, and a total of 9,124 psychiatric disorders. Together, following the two injections there were 11,239 psychiatric disorders, a rise of 1,200 more than the previous week’s tally.

More than 2,200 reproductive and breast disorders were recorded, along with nearly 20,000 respiratory disorders, including 15 instances of pulmonary oedema, and 456 instances of pulmonary embolism (a blocked blood vessel in the lung.)

Over 450 surgical procedures have been recorded following the injection. 

Vascular disorders occurring after the injections numbered 6,877, with 360 instances of deep vein thrombosis. Over 7,900 blood disorders were also recorded.

6,552 cardiac disorders recorded following the injections, with 125 cardiac arrests, 166 myocardial infarctions (heart attacks) and 36 instances of cardiac failure and congestive cardiac failure. 

8,432 occasions of eye disorders also occurred following the injections, with 112 people becoming blind, and 10 people suffering from temporary blindness. 

So far 119 instances of Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) have occurred, 472 strokes, and 559 cases of “facial paralysis.” An additional 13 instances of Parkinson’s disease were reported, 771 seizures, and 12 brain injuries. Over 131,000 nervous system disorders occurred, of which 99 were fatal.

The two injections also were followed by 12,892 infections, of which 2 were of the Epstein-Barr virus, and over 600 cases of COVID-19. 

Over 4,100 “injuries” occurred after the injections, and 2,224 immune system disorders, with 84 instances of anaphylactic shock, and 646 anaphylactic reactions.

AstraZeneca’s injection was also followed by 4 instances of cystic fibrosis and 4 of cerebral palsy.

The statistics come as the U.K. continues its use of the AstraZeneca injection, despite numerous countries pausing its use, due to concerns about a connection between the experimental injection and blood clots.

Denmark recently became the first country to announce that it would cease using AstraZeneca’s injection altogether. 

Recent data from European authorities, reveals that there have been 4,036 “fatal outcomes” after injection with Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot, as well as 1,922 and 1,234 deaths after administration of the injections made by Moderna and AstraZeneca, respectively. 

A further 20 deaths were reported following Johnson & Johnson’s injection, making 7,212 deaths reported to the European authorities following injections for COVID-19. 

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