UK Government to Provide Abortion Nurses in all Primary and Secondary Schools

By Terry Vanderheyden

LONDON, March 25, 2006 ( – A new UK policy will see nurses dispensing contraceptives to schoolchildren and referring girls for secret abortions in all schools – primary and secondary – across the nation.

The joint Department of Education and the Department of Health initiative will facilitate abortion referrals without a parent’s knowledge, as well as give schoolgirls instant access to the abortifacient morning-after pill, among other things.

The nurses are also trained to facilitate a student’s decision to follow a homosexual lifestyle, according to a Daily Mail report. The program mandates that the nurses “provide and promote confidential drop-ins” for the children to discuss sex issues. A booklet issued from the Departments is forthright about its goals: nurses are to “Ensure the school policy on confidentiality is clear…”

Teen pregnancies in the UK continue to skyrocket, despite a £40million government drive to educate kids in sex-ed. The incidence of sexually transmitted disease has risen so dramatically that everyone is now referring to the issue as an epidemic.

Sue Axon, who lost her bid at the High Court to make it illegal for girls under 16 to be allowed abortions without parental knowledge, called the program ill-advised. “This is undermining the role of parents,” she charged. “I believe this will encourage children to have under-age sex.”

“It will put even more pressure on young girls as boys can say, ‘It doesn’t matter, you can get the morning-after pill.’ I do believe it’s beyond the pale if these services go to primary schools. I imagine we will see the abortion age going down and down.”

“There are some school nurses who are not allowed to give out aspirin or put plasters on children without their parents’ permission, added Life chairman Jack Scarisbrick. “The Government is relentlessly pressuring young people to be even more sexually active.” He charged that the program will encourage promiscuity.

The directive came a day after British Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown released his annual budget that announced a reduction in taxes on condoms and morning-after pills.

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