LONDON, March 23, 2011 ( – This week, the UK government revealed that it is continuing to provide International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and Marie Stopes International (MSI) with nearly £9.4 million to abort Britain’s own children and those of countries of the developing world.

The questions from the House of Lords and Commons about government funding of IPPF and MSI came in the wake of scandals in the U.S., in which it was revealed that Planned Parenthood facilities routinely fail to report sexual abuse of minors. The scandals have led to an attempt by Republican lawmakers to defund the multi-billion dollar abortion giant.

On Tuesday this week, Lord David Alton of Liverpool, a Liberal Democrat politician, asked the government, “How Marie Stopes International uses funding provided by them; what recent discussions they have had with MSI about the use of British government funds; and what response they received from MSI during those discussions.”

Earl Howe, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Department of Health, defended the government’s funding of one of the most zealous abortionist organizations in the world, saying, “Marie Stopes International (MSI) is a registered charity and provides sexual and reproductive healthcare services including family planning, abortion, sexually transmitted infection treatment and HIV testing both in Great Britain and worldwide.”

He also said, “MSI does not receive funding directly from the government for abortion provision in [Great Britain].”

“[MSI] is required to compete for National Health Service contracts and is subject to local NHS tendering processes,” he continued. “As part of this process, it is required to demonstrate that it is able to provide a quality, cost-effective service, which meets local needs and which has a focus on wider sexual health provision.”

But Anthony Ozimic, communications manager for the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, accused Howe of deflecting on the issue.

“Marie Stopes already gets millions of pounds every year in contracts to carry out NHS abortions, as well as from privately-funded abortions and wealthy foundations,” Ozimic said. He pointed out that recent government statistics have shown that the NHS pays for 94 percent of abortions in Britain, most of which were contracted out to Marie Stopes and other abortion businesses.

“Apart from the fact that their bank accounts are already grossly overstuffed, IPPF and Marie Stopes work hand-in-hand with China’s brutal population control programmes in which women are forced to have abortions against their will,” he added.

For their work aborting the children of Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh, and supporting their political lobbying to expand abortion there, Earl Howe said the government has committed to giving MSI a total of £783,106 between 2010 and 2014.

These funds, he said, “are being used to raise awareness and to provide access to sexual and reproductive health information and family planning supplies and to improve maternal health.”

On Monday, Andrew Mitchell, the Secretary of State for International Development, admitted that his department was committed to providing £8.6 million to International Planned Parenthood Federation in 2011-12.

Asked exactly how the money was to be divided between abortion, “family planning” and “other reproductive health services,” Mitchell replied that the department “does not classify spending under the categories requested and this information cannot be provided without incurring disproportionate cost.”

In a note, the department said, “The UK Government doesn’t enter the ring on the rights and wrongs of abortion.” However the note immediately reiterated as “a fact” the abortion lobby’s claims “that nearly 70,000 women in the developing world die every year as a result of unsafe abortions – and millions more risk their lives.”

“Giving women the power over whether and when they have children is one of my top priorities. The UK Government will not stand by and let women die needlessly in pregnancy and childbirth,” the note said.

Ozimic, however, called the government on the issue, saying their claim of moral neutrality is “completely absurd.”

“The main business of IPPF and Marie Stopes is killing of unborn children through abortion. The very terms Mitchell uses, ‘sexual and reproductive health and rights’ is the pro-abortion lobby’s euphemism for abortion on demand.”

“Dr. Marie Stopes and IPPF’s founder Margaret Sanger were avowed racists and eugenicists,” Ozimic said. “Dr. Stopes wrote love letters to Hitler and Sanger worked with Nazi doctors. By funding IPPF and Marie Stopes, Andrew Mitchell has ignored the Chancellor’s instruction to spend his department’s budget well.”