LONDON, February 21, 2002 ( – The mother of a child diagnosed in utero to have brain damage has received an apology and been awarded £50,000 from the West Suffolk Hospital NHS Trust. Hayley Wilson, a 33-year-old nurse, charged that four years ago Dr Tarek El Gendy, who worked at a hospital of the Trust made the unilateral decision not to try to save her son since he assumed the mother would not want a brain-damaged child.

Wilson was advised by her gynecologist that she required an emergency caesarean because she was suffering a condition which would be lethal for the child. But the unborn child died due to delays in getting her into operating theatre and in carrying out a caesarean, caused, says Wilson, by El Gendy’s decision to allow the child to die.

“There is no doubt I would have asked them to try to save Liam, no matter how brain damaged he would have been, but no one asked me my opinion. They made the decision for me and it has taken four years of heartache and anguish to finally get an apology,” said Wilson. Dr El Gendy, who left the hospital in September, 1998, is reportedly working in Saudi Arabia but did not respond to hospital inquiries.

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