LONDON, Mar 26, 2001 ( – Stephen Hone, who went to court to try to block the plans of his ex-girlfriend to abort their unborn child, was greatly saddened to learn Sunday that his child had already been aborted. Claire Hansell, the mother of the child said through her lawyers that she had already had the abortion despite the fact that Hone offered to leave his job and raise the child himself. Hone told the media Monday that after a sleepless night thinking of how his child was killed, he said he would go to court to fight for the remains of his child so that he could afford him/her a proper burial. “I don’t want to have to sit there and have to bear the thought that my child is being used as a laboratory rat,” he said.

Cybercast News Service (CNS) reports that Hansell’s lawyer, Sara Leslie, said in a statement Monday she considered Hone’s application for the abortion clinic to hand over “an 11-week old fetus” to be “macabre.” Hone is planning a funeral even if he is not given access to the remains of his child. “It’ll be burying an empty coffin, but it won’t be – it’ll be a coffin filled with love.”

For more see the excellent coverage by CNS at:  200103For20010326b.html