MANCHESTER, UK, February 10, 2004 ( – The mother of a 15-year-old Manchester girl is reeling after learning that her daughter had an abortion without her prior knowledge or consent. The mother discovered the information from reading the girl’s diary; the diary entry read “I had my termination (killed my baby).”  The girl’s mother told reporters that “I asked her if she wanted to get rid of it – and she said she was just too afraid of telling me…Now she says she didn’t really want to get rid of it. We are an open family and I would have supported her all the way.” Her mother said that “When she had her tonsils out I had to be there – but not for this. The clinic just told me it was confidential.”

The girl assumed the hospital would inform her mother of her intention to have an abortion.  She told reporters that “I said I didn’t want to tell my mum so the woman phoned for an appointment at the hospital. I was in there about 15 minutes.”  When hospital officials were asked about the policy on abortion, they said that “patient confidentiality rules prevent them from informing parents.”  UK law allows girls less than 16 years of age to procure an abortion without parental consent provided they are “Deemed mature enough to decide themselves.”  A UNESCO document (UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) document, entitled “Unwanted Pregnancy and Unsafe Abortion,” published late last year calls for sweeping government reform to make abortion available to all women and adolescent girls without restriction, going as far as to suggest that governments should subsidize abortions and offer “redress” to women who have been “denied” access to abortions “that should be made available to them.”

The document goes on to reveal the UN plot to mandate access to abortion by a girl of any age without parental consent.  The document reads “Wherever the law allows, Governments should guarantee the privacy of those seeking abortion services, especially adolescent women.”  Read local coverage at:

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