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Emerald wants to be a boy like her fraternal twinScreenshot/Twitter

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DONCASTER, England (LifeSiteNews) — British parents decided to raise their daughter as a son after she announced, aged 2, that she was a boy

In a video reposted on Tuesday by the Libs of TikTok, couple Matthew Stubbings and Klara Jeynes shared their decision to raise their now four-year-old daughter as a boy named ‘Stormy,’ noting that the little girl disliked dresses and hair clips.

“The first time I realized that ‘Stormy’ wanted to identify as male was about roughly two and a half,” Klara said. “It’s not really that he said, ‘I want be a boy.’ He said, ‘I am a boy,’ and that is the difference.”

 Stormy was born in 2018 with her male twin Arlo. At the time, she was called Emerald.

“Now they’re four years old, and they identify as two boys,” Klara said.

“I [look] like a boy, and I want to be a boy,” Emerald said. She said for the camera that sometimes people call her a girl, and that makes her feel “sad.”

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Matthew explained, “There was that point that I thought this isn’t just a phase (…) It’s not a little girl we’re looking at here. It’s a little boy.”

“He started being unhappy being dressed as a girl, so he started being unhappy wearing dresses,” he continued. “Hair clips were a big no-no.”

“He was genuinely upset at being dressed as a girl,” he said of Emerald/Stormy, adding, “Before I had children, and certainly before the last couple of years, this whole thing, I would have thought it was ridiculous.”

“I would have watched me and said, ‘You’re crazy; you’re making it up. You’re abusing a child,'” Matthew said.

Klara revealed that she asks her daughter every day if she still wants to be a boy, since she does not want her daughter to feel “trapped” into being a boy.

Evidence shows that 85 percent to 95 percent of children who believe that they are of the opposite sex grow out of their gender confusion if they are allowed to go through puberty normally.

However, if gender-confused children are given puberty blockers, only around five percent to 10 percent choose to embrace their actual gender.

Help a brave therapist being attacked by Southern Poverty Law Center: LifeFunder