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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak addresses delegates during the UNFCCC COP 27 climate conference on November 7, 2022 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Stefan Rousseau - Pool/Getty Images

EGYPT (LifeSiteNews) – U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has declared that he will increase the nation’s spending to tackle “climate change,” arguing that “rising energy prices across the world are not a reason to go slow on climate change” but instead “are a reason to act faster.” The politician’s statement contradicts the testimonies given by scientists warning against the “scam” of “climate change” alarmism.

Delivering his address to the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP27) – which exists to implement the “climate change” goals of the pro-abortion Paris Agreement – Rishi Sunak revealed spending increases to combat “the existential threat posed by the ravages of climate change.”

The mainstream media have repeatedly pointed the blame at the war in Ukraine for a rise in fuel and the cost of living. However, Sunak argued that both of these aspects only increased the need to enact “climate change”-oriented policies, since “climate security goes hand in hand with energy security.”

“Putin’s abhorrent war in Ukraine and rising energy prices across the world are not a reason to go slow on climate change,” he said. “They are a reason to act faster.”

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“Because diversifying our energy supplies by investing in renewables is precisely the way to insure ourselves against the risks of energy dependency,” claimed Sunak.

Touting the “green infrastructure” as a “fantastic source of new jobs and growth,” Sunak noted that he was authorizing an outpouring of funds for “green investment projects” in Africa, as well as in the U.K.

“The pandemic all but broke the global economy,” he argued, before adding that despite this, he was committing an additional £1.5 billion to the £11.6 billion which the U.K. has already pledged for “climate change”-related issues.

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Referring back to the previous COP event – held last year in Glasgow under the presidency of Alok Sharma, a Cabinet minister in the U.K. government – Sunak also praised how COP26 began “globally using aid funding to unlock billions of pounds of private finance for the development of new green infrastructure.”

Sunak echoing globalist green agenda

Sunak’s promotion of “green infrastructure” echoes phraseology, and policies, being enacted by the international finance community to promote the “green,” eco-friendly dictates of the anti-life, global governance Paris agreement, in line with the Great Reset.

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This is being enacted by groups largely out of the public eye.

The almost unknown Network of Central Banks and Supervisors for Greening the Financial System (NGFS) was born at the Paris “One Planet Summit” in December 2017, and is composed of “Central Banks and supervisors” with the purpose of transforming the global economy in alignment with green, sustainable policies. Already, it numbers 121 members, with an additional 19 observer organizations, including national and international banks such as: “Bank of Canada; Bank of England; Banque de France; Dubai Financial Services Authority; European Central Bank; Japan FSA; People’s Bank of China; Swiss National Bank; U.S. Federal Reserve.”

A much-publicized goal of the Paris Agreement is to limit global temperature growth to 1.5C; however, a third aim is less known and pertains directly to the financial element of the agreement, ensuring that the future of global finance is directly connected to the various climate change efforts laid out in the Paris agreement. It reads:

Making finance flows consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development.

This aim provides the basis for the NGFS’s policies, as well as those by international governments such as Sunak’s, which link provision of finance to the implementation of the green agenda of the Paris Agreement.

As LifeSiteNews has extensively reported, such green policies align closely with the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) globalist Great Reset. The WEF, founded and led by Klaus Schwab, has used COVID-19 as an opportunity to present its plan of a Great Reset of complete societal alteration and structural shifts. 

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In June 2020 Schwab wrote that the coronavirus outbreak was exacerbating “the climate and social crises,” and that as a result the world would become “less sustainable, less equal, and more fragile.”

Schwab’s envisaged Reset is underpinned by a focus on a green financial agenda, as he mentions the “withdrawal of fossil-fuel subsidies,” and a new financial system based on “investments” which advance “equality and sustainability,” and the building of a “‘green’ urban infrastructure.” Businesses would be provided with so-called “incentives” to improve their operation in line with “environmental, social, and governance metrics.”

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Sunak has already shown himself to be a supporter of key global policies in line with the United Nations and World Economic Forum, including heavily promoting the “climate change” agenda. Sunak emphasized the role of the U.K. at the 2021 “climate-change” COP26 conference as the future “green finance centre of the world” and has reaffirmed the government’s goal to reach net-zero by 2050.

He is also personally linked to the WEF through his family, with his father-in-law’s company Infosys listed as a WEF partner. The company is dubbed a “global leader in next-generation digital services,” and promotes a China-style social credit financial system centered on digital currency. 

David Kurten, leader of the pro-life Heritage Party, told LifeSiteNews that “Rishi Sunak’s climate alarmist speech at COP 27 displays a predictable but depressing conformity with the failed ‘net-zero’ agenda that globalists are imposing across the globe for their own enrichment.”

“He parrots the false catastrophist narrative that carbon dioxide emissions will all but wipe out life on Earth with no recognition that the Sun is the biggest driver of long-term temperature changes in the Earth’s atmosphere,” said Kurten.

Kurten also noted the disparity between Sunak’s push for more “green” policies and reality in the U.K. “What will enrage the British people who have had him imposed as their Prime Minister in a recent coup d’état, is that he has pledged over £11,600,000,000 to third world countries for ‘climate reparations’,” he queried.

This is at the same time as people in the UK face a cold, dark winter because coal power stations have been closed down and replaced with expensive and unreliable wind turbines and solar panels in the name of a non-existent climate emergency

Climate change ‘scam’

While international governments attempt to outdo each other in financial packages to tackle “climate change,” scientists are actually rejecting the notion that a climate emergency exists. Tom Harris, Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition and a former climate change alarmist, recently rebuffed the mainstream hysteria on the topic. 

Climate science is “a very immature science,” Harris stated, echoing the book which dismantles the claims of thousands of articles about the climate crisis, showing that “there is no foundation” to the proposition.

“There are thousands of references here which talk about the fact that there is no foundation to the climate scam,” he said. “It’s all based on models that don’t work.”