LONDON, December 8, 2003 ( – UK Labour MP Frank Doran, who in 1990 accused pro-life legislators of “pure scaremongering for raising concerns that the permissive law would allow for abortions even for correctable conditions such as a cleft palate, has been forced to concede the law needs review.  In light of the High court granting the go-ahead to the case of Anglican curate Joanna Jepson, who is suing police for failing to prosecute an abortionist who aborted a child due to a cleft palate, the pro-abortion politician was forced to admit:  “I accept that the law needs to be re-examined. It has always been my position that, firstly, any abortion must be carried out in accordance with the law, and that, secondly, abortions only take place after a considerable amount of consultation and advice. I would not accept an abortion on a cleft palate foetus for cosmetic reasons. If there is a possibility for that to happen under current legislation, then that needs to be responded to.  “However, if the medical decision is that an abortion should proceed, then I have no problem with it. I also believe that there is a possibility that a cleft palate could be an extreme and serious handicap and that this could have been the case with the woman concerned.”  See the coverage in the Telegraph: