LONDON, November 2, 2001 ( – The Pro-Life Alliance has taken the UK government to court over their allowance of human “therapeutic” cloning. The pro-life group is arguing that based on a technicality, the government’s embryo regulatory authority does not have the regulate cloning. The judge in the case has deferred his judgment and it is expected next week.

The group is arguing that the Human Embryology and Fertility Authority cannot regulate clonging since the 1990 Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act does not define embryos as they are when created by cloning. “Cloned embryos have not undergone fertilisation and no sperm are involved in their production; therefore they are totally outside the regulatory scheme provided by the Act. As a consequence, the government has no way at present of controlling these new technologies, leaving us in a very vulnerable position as numerous rogue scientists press ahead with their plans to clone human beings,” the group said in a statement.

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