Wednesday March 10, 2010

UK Tories Publish “Rainbow List” of Gay Candidates

By Hilary White

LONDON, March 10, 2010 ( – The British Conservative party has published a “rainbow list” of twenty openly homosexual candidates, five of whom are likely to win their seats, according to polls.

Of these, eleven told party leadership they were “happy” to be named in the first ever authorized list of homosexual Conservative candidates. A party spokesman said that seven more had wanted to be included in the list but were not ready to have their names published.

The candidates, five of whom are expected easily to win their seats, were profiled in the Daily Mail. They include Greg Barker, the MP for Bexhill and Battle, who serves as the party’s shadow minister of energy and climate change and who left his wife to live with another man, William Banks-Blaney. Another, whom the Mail identifies as facing an “uphill battle” to win, is Matthew Sephton, a Tory party homosexualist activist who heads the party’s “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender” group LGBTory.

The party, which is expected to win the upcoming general elections and form the next government, has been undergoing a program of “modernization” under leader David Cameron, which has focused heavily on attracting the support of the homosexualist lobby.

The release of the list follows a speech in Washington by Tory MP and homosexual activist Nick Herbert, who said that the party would institute homosexual “marriage” and allow such partners to adopt children.

Herbert’s office issued the list to the Mail on Monday. Herbert told the Mail, “A successful political party ought to look like the country it seeks to govern. If we were truly representative, we would have 99 women, 16 black or ethnic minority and ten gay MPs.”

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