Ukraine Amends Abortion Law to Protect Unborn After 22 Weeks Gestation

Fri Nov 5, 2004 - 12:15 pm EST

KIEV, November 5, 2004 ( - In the Ukraine this past Tuesday, Parliament passed a law limiting abortion to unborn children under 22 weeks gestation, whereas it was formerly permitted up to 28 weeks.  Of the 450-member Ukrainian Parliament, 281 legislators backed the abortion amendment.  Lech Kowalewski, spokesman for the Polish Federation of Pro-life Movements and a European representative on the International Right to Life Federation told that the change was “a very important victory” for the region. “Ukraine is a country where abortion is the most popular ‘method’ of ‘family planning’, treated as a contraceptive among some people including the medical profession,” said Kowalewski.  On the same day, the Ukraine Parliament voted to ban forced sterilization of people with disabilities.  jhw

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