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(LifeSiteNews) — On June 9, Svyatoslav Kondrat visited us at the “Ukraine – Life Summit. Dignity. Victory.” He came from the front, went on stage, and in front of a large international audience at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kyiv, Ukraine, stated that Ukrainian warriors defend families and deeply despise LGBT ideology.

He walked off the stage and went to the front again toward Zaporizhzhia to participate in a counterattack as a special forces Commander of the Carpathian Sich assault unit.

He was killed today, liberating the Ukrainian land and defending the Ukrainian tradition and family.

Here is his speech:

Before the war, I was a member of the organization “Karpatska Sich.” Currently, I serve in the command of the assault group Carpathian Sich. Our military journey began in 2014; later, we went to the ATO as volunteers, but all this did not prevent us from engaging in public activities. At the same time, we were engaged in pro-life advocacy and youth education.

The proper upbringing of children has always been our priority issue. We organized our various social projects and joint schools where children were raised according to traditional family values, based on Christianity.

One of the priority areas is countering LGBT perversions, which were held at gay parades and imposed this perversion on our children. Our organization was the leader in defending family values in western Ukraine, where we are based. We stood up for our values here and simultaneously joined large all-Ukrainian actions. In short, we were at the forefront of all these events.

For this, we were often persecuted and hounded in the media, and our information resources on the Internet were constantly deleted. But even then we understood why and for whom we were doing all this. It was for our families, children, the future, and Ukraine.

When a full-scale war began, our opponents, the LGBT activists, began to leave the country in large groups. I was abroad then, but in the first days of the war, I returned to my native land. And already on February 26, 2022, we went to the defense of Kyiv. During the defense, our comrade died, whom I think some of those in the hall know for sure — this is Kyrylo Babentsov, a friend of “Cobra.” He was a sincere Christian. He died defending his city of Kyiv, and we continue his journey.

Our unit was at all of the hot spots; we stood in the vanguard of the defense of Kyiv and Mykolaiv Oblast, liberated Kherson Oblast, and performed tasks in Kharkiv Oblast. Our last rotation was in Donbas; we defended the Donetsk land.

We should all understand that the sacrifices, the Ukrainian soldiers giving their lives, are primarily for our children and youth. For our part, we promise that we will spare neither ourselves nor our enemies in order to win the strong country that everyone dreams of.

I want to thank the organizers for the invitation to this Summit. And I appeal to everyone present: While we are fighting at the front, please protect our rear. It doesn’t matter which country or organization imposes foreign narratives on us — we must preserve a strong and a conservative Ukraine. This is our choice. Only we together can build the country we all dream of.

Thank you!
Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to Jesus Christ!”
Kyiv, June 9, 2023