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Ukrainian refugee finds safety during Russian invasion, February 2022Mike Hogan/LifeSiteNews

BERLIN (LifeSiteNews) — Ukrainian refugees are refusing German government incentives to receive free COVID-19 vaccines. 

As reported in the German press, Ukrainian refugees are not responding very enthusiastically to the German government’s offers of free vaccination against COVID-19. 

“Unfortunately, it seems the refugees aren’t exactly snatching the vaccines out of our hands,” said Marcus König, the mayor of Nuremberg in an interview with Bavarian channel Bayerischer Rundfunk.  

Indeed, Ukraine has one of the lowest vaccination rates in Europe with only 35% of the population being double jabbed. Even that number could be an overestimation, however, as official data indicates that a large proportion of Ukrainian COVID certificates are forgeries. 

This situation worries German officials who are currently pushing for a mandatory vaccination law that would force the experimental mRNA products on the entire German population. 

The humanitarian crisis triggered by the war in Ukraine could prove a thorn in the side of the German political elites who are hoping to bring about this agenda, as it introduces the question of whether such a policy, should it come into effect, would also apply to Ukrainian refugees. 

As German journalist Vanessa Renner pointed out in a March 2 article on the issue, forcing vaccination on Ukrainian refugees would, on the one hand, tarnish Germany’s image, currently shining for its support of Ukraine against Russia. On the other hand, exempting the refugees would weaken the legitimacy of the law, as the government would have to justify its application on German citizens only.  

According to Thomas Jung, the mayor of Fürth, many Ukrainians arriving to Germany after fleeing their country due to the ongoing conflict with Russia now fear they may be forced to take the jab. 

“Many people who arrive here are even panic-stricken about ‘forced vaccinations,’” said Jung in an interview with Bayerischer Rundfunk.  

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