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March 13, 2015 ( — Ultrasounds may not be considered essential in pre-abortion assessments at reproductive health clinics, where profits are only made when women follow through with abortions. But they are essential life-saving tools for Human Life International Ireland.

With the unprecedented detail of a baby growing in the womb that modern ultrasounds make available, Ask Majella Pregnancy Counselling Centre uses the devices to save babies who might otherwise be aborted, says Patrick McCrystal, director of HLI Ireland. He noted that four out of five babies are saved during private counseling sessions that follow an ultrasound.

The pharmacist-turned-pro-life advocate notes that their success rate is of grave concern for operators of abortion clinics.

“Seeing a baby on the ultrasound cuts through all the rhetoric,” he said. “Our scanners are like movable baby-saving machines!”

Certified healthcare professionals and trained helpline volunteers at Ask Majella Pregnancy Counselling Centre address the needs of women experiencing crisis pregnancies. Experienced counselor Kate Meenagh and Rita O’Connor, M.D. cover Ireland’s 32 counties, bringing the portable scanners to women who are unable to make an office appointment.

Women who are worried about their unplanned pregnancies, especially those intent on aborting the unborn child, are deeply affected by the real-time images of their preborn child on the ultrasound screen. McCrystal has found that women often connect emotionally to the miracle of life growing within and choose to keep their babies, regardless of their circumstances.

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Though scanners cost 36,000 euros, the Irish pro-life advocate believes that the machines are in fact priceless.

HLI Ireland has consistently provided concrete help to mothers with crisis pregnancies over the years, commented Joseph Meaney, director of international coordination for HLI.

“Patrick McCrystal is a former pharmacist who respects life; he speaks with unique authority on the evils of birth control and abortion. Like a physician who takes an oath to provide the best care while doing no harm to patients, he works tirelessly to provide alternatives that defend life and uphold human dignity,” Meaney added.

Mr. McCrystal says that HLI Ireland’s mission builds the Kingdom of God through saving lives of the most vulnerable and educating people about the humanity and dignity of the child in the womb, and of motherhood.

“One baby saved changes the world!” he added.

Reprinted with permission from Human Life International