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NEW YORK, May 4, 2021 (C-Fam) – Under the guise of addressing HIV/AIDS, UN agencies and Western-backed non-government groups called on governments to legalize drug use, and prostitution. This occurred during a General Assembly consultation last week where they also called for sexual autonomy for children.

Even though HIV/AIDS infections have gone down globally since 2005, the HIV/AIDS pandemic is still ravaging “key populations,” which include men who have sex with men, persons who identify as transgender, and drug users. According to UN estimates, 54% of 1.7 million new infections in the world each year take place among key populations.

“The struggle to end AIDS is linked with the struggle to end human rights violations, including discrimination and violence against women and girls, as well as the marginalization and criminalization of people living with HIV and of key populations,” said Winifred Karagwa Byanyim, Executive Director of the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).

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PETITION: Tell Vatican to CANCEL 'Health' conference packed with pro-abort, secularist speakers
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The Vatican has announced its fifth International "Health" Conference on "Exploring the Mind, Body & Soul," to take place between May 6-8, and nearly everything about the conference is rotten -- morally, scientifically and culturally.

Incredibly, the conference organizers have listed huge numbers of globalist and abortion-promoting speakers such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, vaccine developers, Mormon elders, pro-abortion Chelsea Clinton, population control advocate Jane Goodall, a New Age activist, a prominent UK Muslim scholar, and pro-abortion American actress Cindy Crawford, among others.

The logo for the conference is a circle of people linking hands, colored in the tones of the LGBT rainbow flag, and positioned next to the crossed keys and Papal tiara of the Pontiff. In the ten goals listed for the conference, the Pontifical Council for Culture makes no reference to God or the Catholic Church.

The organization and promotion of this conference is beyond an outrage, it is a closer to a sacrilege (also outrageous!).

Indeed, of the conference, Archbishop Viganò has said that the Holy See is "making itself the servant of the New World Order." [More below about Arbp Viganò's reaction to the conference...]

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition urging the Vatican to CANCEL this desperately wrong-headed appeasement to the secular world disguised as a "health conference."

114 speakers are set to appear at the event, including prominent and diverse names such as:

  • The CEOs of Pfizer and Moderna, the former of which produces abortion pills;
  • The Director of the National Institute of Health (NIH) Francis Collins, who advocates using fetal tissue in research projects;
  • Chelsea Clinton, a strong advocate for abotion;
  • The head of Google Health, David Feinberg;
  • And, Dr. Anthony Fauci from the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, whose advice to government officials played a major role in shutting down American churches last year.

These "VIP" speakers are also joined at the Vatican conference by the following: United Nations representative and conservationist Jane Goodall, who supports population control; new age activist Deepak Chopra; rock guitarist Joe Perry; Mormon Elder William K. Jackson; executive chair of the British Board of Scholars and Imams, Shaykh Dr. Asim Yusuf; pro-abortion model Cindy Crawford; and, by Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, who has firmly aligned himself with the globalist, liberal elite, by censoring conservative voices on his platform.

The sheer number of speakers holding anti-Catholic views has sparked a firestorm of well-deserved criticism.

And, in an letter published by LifeSiteNews, Archbishop Viganò roundly condemns this conference and, moreover, the infidelity to the Church's perennial teaching. Here is a brief excerpt (read the whole letter by clicking on this link):

"...The Holy See has deliberately renounced the supernatural mission of the Church, making itself the servant of the New World Order and Masonic globalism in an antichristic counter-magisterium.

The same Roman Dicasteries, occupied by people ideologically aligned with Jorge Mario Bergoglio [i.e. Pope Francis] and protected and promoted by him, now continue unrestrained in their implacable work of demolishing Faith, Morals, ecclesiastical discipline, and monastic and religious life, in an effort as vain as it is unprecedented to transform the Bride of Christ into a philanthropic association enslaved to the Strong Powers.

The result is the super-imposition over the true Church of a sect of heretical and depraved Modernists who are intent on legitimizing adultery, sodomy, abortion, euthanasia, idolatry, and any perversion of the intellect and will. The true Church is now eclipsed, denied and discredited by her very Pastors, betrayed even by the one who occupies the highest Throne."

The fact that there is so much anti-Catholicism (i.e., anti-truth) held by so many of the speakers makes it impossible to ask for the organizers to simply disinvite disreputable speakers.

That is why we are urging the Vatican to CANCEL this anti-life, anti-truth, anti-Catholic, anti-health "health conference" altogether!

Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition asking the Vatican to CANCEL its fifth International "Health" Conference on "Exploring the Mind, Body & Soul."

This conference contains such a high concentration of poison for the Faith and the faithful that is should be canceled, not only for the contents itself, but also for the grave scandal it will (and is, already) cause.

After SIGNING and SHARING, please take a minute to contact the following Church authorities to politely, but firmly, voice your dismay and displeasure at the anti-God, anti-life and anti-faith conference which the Vatican has scheduled for the beginning of May.

Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi - Head of the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Culture

Email: [email protected]

Phone: [+39] 06 6989 3811

His Excellency Archbishop Christophe Pierre - Papal Nuncio for the United States

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 202-333-7121


'Viganò on Vatican ‘health’ conference with Fauci: Holy See is ‘making itself the servant of the New World Order’' -

'Vatican hosting Fauci, Chelsea Clinton, Pfizer CEO, Big Tech oligarchs at ‘health’ conference' -


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“It’s sex workers, it’s people who use drugs, it’s gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men, and it’s transgender people and other groups like prisoners,” she emphasized.

The UNAIDS program has a large influence on how international aid to address HIV/AIDS is spent, including the nearly $7 billion dollars U.S. taxpayers give each year through their taxes.

Speakers at the General Assembly event included carefully selected leaders of Western-backed non-governmental organizations like International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).

“I feel part of a collective failure, a collective failure to ensure adolescent girls and young women in all of their diversity, the LGBTQI, and other key populations can access quality, integrated services, that respond to their rights and health needs,” said Alvaro Bermejo, Director General of International Planned Parenthood Federation.

Bermejo was transparent about the challenges to his own organization, which claims to deliver over 40 million HIV/AIDS services annually in developing countries.

“So we see that in many countries, adolescent girls and young women are coming to get their contraception and a year later are returning with an HIV infection,” he said. Bermejo laid the blame for this failure on opposition to comprehensive sexuality education, of which IPPF is the largest international provider.

“We need to be aware that we are facing an opposition, a conservative opposition, a populist opposition, that is opposing comprehensive sexuality education, and that is better organized, better financed, and more aggressive than it has ever been.”

Other speakers also broadened the focus of HIV/AIDS treatment to other social policies.

Julian Boghos Kerboghossian of the LGBT organization MPact Global called on countries to “Repeal laws that criminalize HIV non-disclosure, exposure, transmission, consensual same-sex behavior, expression, drug use, sex work.”

Ms. Faith Ebere Onu of the Association of Persons Living with HIV and Aids in Nigeria called for the provision of “safe abortion” and the repeal of “restrictive age of consent laws.”

The consultation was held ahead of the High-Level Meeting of the General Assembly on HIV/AIDS to take place June 8 to 10. The summit takes place every five years to adopt an agreement to guide the UN system-wide HIV/AIDS response.

Reprinted with permission from C-Fam.