KOSOVO, Nov 9 ( – Officials from the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) offered bribes to a Kosovo doctor as an “inducement” to join in their efforts to promote contraception among Kosovo’s unwilling recipients. World magazine reported in a recent edition that Dr. Sjedullah Hoxha, head of obstetrics and gynecology at Kosovo’s main hospital, was approached by the UNFPA to become involved in UNFPA population control, and to serve on a medical advisory committee the UN agency was convening for Kosovo. Although he initially refused, Dr. Hoxha accepted the work with the UNFPA after the agency promised him a new washing machine and dryer for the hospital ward in return for his cooperation. 

Dr. Hoxha told World that the washing machine offer changed his mind and he accepted the UNFPA contraceptives. He was also pressured to serve on an advisory committee called the “National Committee for Healthy Families” which will serve as a front for the UNFPA in Kosovo. However, the washing machine and dryer have not been delivered. World asked whether the washer and dryer were part of a package deal conditioned on his participation in the contraceptive program, Dr. Hoxha replied, “Yes, of course.” 

See here for the World article.

With files from the Population Research Institute.