KOSOVO, Serbia, July 16 ( – The Population Research Institute (PRI) is set to unleash a damning report to the media confirming that the United Nations knowingly aided Serbian President Slobodian Milosevic in his bid to reduce the population of Kosovo. The report contains an interview with Sterling Scruggs, the head of external communication for the UN’s Population Fund (UNFPA) confirming that Milosevic invited the UNFPA to conduct a reproductive health needs assessment” among the Kosovar population.

The willful cooperation of the UN in Milosevic’s plans for ethnic cleansing by reducing the Kosovars’ high birthrate came in the form of the mass distribution among the Kosovar refugees of “reproductive health kits.” Included in the kits were condoms, IUD’s, the abortifacient “morning after” pill, and more elaborate abortion equipment such as vacuum aparati.  The PRI report, based on interviews with dozens of Kosovar refugee women, confirms that there is virtually no demand among the Kosovar population for “reproductive health”  services; and that claims of widespread rape, promiscuity and male oppression were largely fabricated to justify shipments of “reproductive health” supplies to the region. “The Kosovar women are outspoken and strong,” the report concludes, “The Kosovars are uninterested in ‘reproductive health’ supplies.” In fact, the Kosovars pride themselves in having one of the highest birthrates in dying Europe. 

A LifeSite report in April revealed the Serbian government’s plan to “limit or forbid the enormous increase in the Kosovo birthrate,” articulated by Serbian Minister for Family Concerns Rada Trajkovic in 1998.  Of note, Stop Planned Parenthood International (STOPP) released a report yesterday indicating that Planned Parenthood has boasted of its support for the UNFPA/Milosevic ethnic cleansing campaign by providing $100,000 in funding for the “reproductive health kits”. The news comes just in time since on Tuesday the US Congress may terminate American funding for UNFPA.

The PRI report will be available in the coming weeks at

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