NEW YORK, Sept 21 ( – Tomorrow the United Nations Family Planning Association (UNFPA),  the population control arm of the UN, will release its annual propaganda report: “The State of World Population 1999, 6 Billion: A Time for Choices.” Dr. Nafis Sadik, UNFPA Executive Director, will launch the report in London at a press conference during which she is expected to call on governments to continue to depopulate their countries using contraception,  abortion and sterilization (masked under the rhetoric of “reproductive health and rights”).

It is hoped that much of the alarmist overpopulation scare tactics will be muted in the current report since the UN’s more credible Department of Economic and Social Affairs’  Population Division released a chart in June on population aging which indicated a growing international risk of population decline. By 2050, the United Nations projects that 1 person of every 5 will be aged 60 years or older.

By 2150, it will be 1 of every 3. The number of persons in this age group is now nearly 600 million. It is projected to grow to almost 2 billion by 2050, when the population of older persons will outnumber the population of children (0-14 years).” 

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