UNITED NATIONS, Feb 3 (LSN)—The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women considered a report on Mexico last week. During the deliberations, a UN “expert” urged the Mexican government to legalize adultery, homosexuality, and abortion on demand. The expert demanded, “Was adultery still included in Mexico’s penal laws, as well as homosexuality, and was voluntary abortion still prohibited?”.  Another expert again repeated the call, saying, “Mexico should also consider decriminalizing abortion,  since the statute was not enforced and it only made abortion more dangerous for women”. “In different States, there were exceptions for the criminality of abortion and there were no legal procedures for women to establish their right to a legal abortion,” she said. The UN's pushing of abortion without any restriction is verified in the report, as it notes that “There were five exceptions that allowed abortion, which included rape, grave malformations, forced artificial insemination, and grave economic limitations owing to more than three children.”