UNITED NATIONS, Sept 22 ( – The UNFPA report released today and called, “The State of World Population 1999, 6 Billion: A Time for Choices,” pushes abortion, contraception, sterilization, and sex education for children, even prior to adolescence. The current report has employed its usual tactics to skirt around direct promotion of abortion, by referring to the “need for abortion” being alleviated by “safe motherhood” programs which include the provision of “safe abortions.”

The entire third chapter of the five-chapter report is devoted to “Reproductive Health and Reproductive Rights.” Within the chapter, the UN exposes its true definition of “reproductive health services” as including abortion when it talks of the world’s largest abortion provider, International Planned Parenthood, as being a key player in the provision of reproductive health services “in especially sensitive areas such as adolescent issues.”

Within the third chapter is a section on “Information and Care for Adolescents” in which the UNFPA pushes for sex education that “should be as specific as possible” to “begin early, even before adolescence.”

For the full UN report go to UNFPA.