UNITED NATIONS, September 7, 2005 ( – A highly critical report, released today, reaffirms UN culpability in the Oil-For-Food scandal. The Volcker independent inquiry concluded that reports of UN “waste, inefficiency and corruption” have raised serious concerns “about the United Nations’ ability to live up to its ideals.”

The report, headed by former US Federal Reserve chairman, Paul Volcker, gives evidence of “serious instances of illicit, unethical, and corrupt behavior within the United Nations.”

The US House International Relations Committee released a statement in light of the report. “The Volcker report details a pattern and practice of deceit and corruption that has infected senior levels of the UN’s administration,” said US Rep. Henry J. Hyde (R- Ill.), chairman of the House International Relations Committee. “This corruption flourished because of an abject lack of management controls within the UN Secretariat, a disturbing lack of internal and external oversight by its auditors and member states, and an appalling lack of transparency and accountability to the global taxpayers who finance the UN’s operations.”

Describing the scandal as “criminal,” Hyde added, “The Oil-for-Food program provided Saddam and his apologists at the UN a license to steal billions of dollars otherwise intended to aid the Iraqi people. If the UN Secretariat and its member states ignore the profound lessons detailed in this report, the institution itself will be imperiled by the morass of corruption that increasingly undermines its already tattered legitimacy,” he emphasized.

The Oil-For-Food program, which was in operation from December 1996 until November 2003, allowed Iraq to sell oil to pay for food and humanitarian supplies.

Pro-life groups have repeatedly criticized the UN for its population control programs which include support for forced abortion in China and the involuntary sterilization of women in developing countries.

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