PARIS, France, Dec 10 (LSN)  In an address to the French National Assembly in Paris on 8 December, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan outlined clearly the UN plan to lead the “new world order.” Annan laid out for the French political leaders ‘the objectives of the United Nations and at its raison d’^etre in the new world order.”  After describing the “globalization” of business, technology and ideas, Annan complained that “political thinking and structures have retained, with few exceptions, a resolutely national character.” Annan went on to call for an active dismantling of nationalism. “This (national character) results in distortions which you, as parliamentarians, are responsible for trying to eliminate by opening up to international life, so that the people you represent can truly take part in building the world of tomorrow.  Annan touted the role of the UN in the new world order as one of mediator, peacemaker, solution finder,  monetary (in union with the IMF and World Bank) and military (via the Security Council) controller and ultimate judge (via the International Criminal Court). The UN as Annan sees it will be the world’s “conscience” and will “define the future international order.” Likely sensing some of the uneasiness that would result from his brazen declaration of the UN’s intentions, Annan used the doublespeak typical of the globalist crowd to assure listeners that “the United Nations cannot and does not want to impose anything.”  This revealing speech may be found at: