THE HAGUE, Feb 12 ( – From a late breaking report today, the last day of the Hague Forum,  LifeSite has learned that the UN has used physical assault to carry forward its ant-life and anti-family agenda. A report from the conference by Tom McFeely, on assignment for Human Life International Canada, indicates that a young Syrian law student who was covering the conference for an Arabic magazine was ordered ejected from the conference by UN officials for exposing the pro-homosexual and pro-abortion agenda at the Youth Forum.

According to a letter of complaint which Bachar Jamali sent to UN head Kofi Annan describing his ordeal, he was handcuffed and taken into a back room and beaten by UN security guards. Jamali was stripped of his journalistic credentials, ejected from the conference site, and denied entry for the remainder of meeting on the grounds he was “disrupting” the Youth Forum.

A couple of days before his ordeal, Jamali discovered that most of the Muslim youth representatives had no understanding of the meaning of the term “sexual orientation,” (UN code for recognizing homosexual rights). He also alerted the Muslim youth, and others about the pro-abortion drive underway in the Youth Forum discussions.

McFeely reveals that “targeting youth for abortion, contraception and graphic sexual education programs was a central focus throughout The Hague Forum’s deliberations.”

See the Full Report:
Physical and Moral Assault Takes Place at United Nations Forum in the Hague