GENEVA, Mar 20 (LSN)  A report released yesterday by the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) claimed that 20 million women around the world get “unsafe abortions” every year resulting in the death of 80,000 mothers. Predictably, the UN did not consider the more than 20 million babies killed, not to mention the countless millions also killed every year in another category the UN would call “safe abortions.” Rather than suggest getting rid of abortions to combat the deaths of mothers and their children, the UN is using their findings to promote global access to abortion on demand.  Revealing its opposition to any legal constraints on abortion, the WHO report said, “Contrary to common belief, the legalization of abortion does not necessarily increase abortion rates.”  The WHO emphasized the need for funding abortions in the developing world, saying that “…ninety-five per cent of the women who get unsafe abortions are from developing countries,  where the procedures are often performed by unqualified people who use crude methods and dirty tools.” The health agency study alleged there are about 75 million unwanted pregnancies around the world each year.  Raising the spectre of huge numbers of women dying from “back-street abortions” has been a key pro-abortion tactic in scaring legislators into legalizing abortion in countries around the world. While it is difficult to obtain accurate statistics on the number of women dying from this, it is known that pro-abortion figures are usually grossly exaggerated.  Pro-life convert Dr Bernard Nathanson, former leader of the U.S. pro-abortion movement, has admitted that abortion advocates consistently lied about maternal deaths from illegal U.S.  abortions. Evidence from Nathanson and U.S. government statistics indicates the pro-abortion figures were exaggerated by anywhere between 17 and almost 400 times the actual number. Canadian abortion activists have also followed a similar strategy. International abortion advocates are   now using the successful, manipulative U.S. and Canadian strategies as their blueprint for   changing laws around the world.