UNITED NATIONS, Mar 24 ( – Reporting from the floor of the United Nations in New York,  pro-life lobbyists at the final preparatory conference for the Cairo+5 implementation review are exposing the foul tactics being employed by the UN to further their radical pro-abortion agenda.

The pro-lifers note that the prepcom’s negotiating document, called “the Secretary-General’s Report,” has removed key items from the “Cairo Programme of Action” including a clause protecting national sovereignty called the “Cairo Chapeau” and the recognition of the rights and responsibilities of parents and families.

The Secretary-General’s Report incorporates new and revolutionary concepts not agreed to by the national delegates. The current working document contains references to the “reproductive health” which by UN definition includes abortion, being seen as “a basic human right.”  International pro-life experts warn that such language “could be interpreted as the conferral of an internationally recognized right to abortion-on-demand.”

The document now speaks of “promoting adolescent reproductive and sexual health” (where “adolescents” include children as young as 10) without reference to parents’ rights and responsibilities in this regard.

With files from Vivant Daily