UNITED NATIONS, Jan 5 ( – The United Nations is preparing a report alerting Europe that, due to low birth rates its member countries will have to accept a large number of immigrants or else face a depletion of workers in the workforce, with “smaller and older populations”. Joseph Chamie, director of the U.N. Population Division, according to the   Associated Press, warned that these countries “have to start now. The longer you wait, the more serious the problem is likely to be.”

According to AP, the report examines the population situation in eight countries: France,  Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Britain and the United States. It looks at population levels and migration statistics. The report also looks at the ratio of the working-age population to the retired-age population so that countries may gauge how their working populations will support their retirees. UN figures note that currently in Europe,  there are five working-age people for every person over 65. In 2050, the ration will be two to one.

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