MIAMI, May 30, 2003 ( – A baby of four months’ gestation, the preborn child of a mentally handicapped rape victim, was aborted on Thursday evening, after a judge ordered the baby’s death a week ago, allegedly “to protect its mother.”  Doctors at Jackson Memorial Hospital—who previously said an abortion was unnecessary—told Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Arthur Rothenberg late Wednesday that the baby, who had successfully reached 24 weeks, would likely not survive outside the womb. That was apparently just what the judge wanted to hear (although he had already ordered the abortion to proceed).  Curiously, media focused on the “medical opinion that the fetus was subject to an extremely high risk of morbidity”—even though abortion itself subjects the baby to an absolute guarantee of morbidity.  Detectives from the Miami-Dade Police Department took custody of a piece of the baby’s flesh to help identify the rapist(s).  For local coverage:   For related LifeSite coverage:  Setback in Attempt to Protect Unborn Florida Baby FLORIDA JUDGE DELAYS NAMING GUARDIAN FOR UNBORN CHILD