GENEVA, June 10, 2011 ( – The government of Paraguay has agreed to begin a “debate” on the issue of abortion, and to conduct an “analysis” of illegal abortions in the country, after months of pressure from the United Nations.

The decision followed a meeting in Geneva with a committee of the UN’s “Periodic Universal Review,” a process that claims to examine the human rights records of individual countries. Paraguay’s government has agreed to follow the suggestion of Norway that it “analyze the extent of illegal and insecure abortions and introduce protective measures for the universal right of women to life and health.”

“That’ right,” said Federico Gonzalez, Paraguay’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva, when asked by the French Press Service to confirm his government’s agreement.  Noting that abortion is illegal in Paraguay, he promised “an open debate to analyze the topic in-depth.”

“Paraguay is thankful for the 124 recommendations received during its participation in the Universal Periodic Review,” Gonzalez added. “All of the recommendations have been accepted.  We have not rejected any of them and in that sense, we think that all points of view and contributions are valid and deserve the corresponding consideration by the government.”

Although abortion is prohibited in Paraguay, there is no penalty when an unborn child dies as the result of a lifesaving medical procedure.