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November 5, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Conservative investigative outfit Project Veritas released undercover video Thursday of what they say is a postal worker in Nevada agreeing to give the journalist a handful of ballots that had been “unclaimed” due to old addresses or other reasons.

The video depicts a United States Postal Service (USPS) worker identified only as “Art” speaking with a Project Veritas undercover reporter. “A postal worker in Nevada offered our undercover journalist a handful of ballots that was sent to the wrong address,” Project Veritas founder and president James O’Keefe says. “This is another example of USPS voter fraud.”

JOURNALIST: Some of us got some extra ballots and stuff […] how many of those are you getting lately? People with extra ballots, or undeliverable or whatever.

ART: There’s been quite a few. Because people are sending based on their last old address. Yeah, it’s been quite a few.

JOURNALIST: Well if it wasn’t me, though, hypothetically, though, it could be done?

ART: [laughs] I can’t say nothing because I don’t know, I’m just the delivery.

JOURNALIST: Alright. But there’s a lot of them out there like that though, right?

ART: Yeah, there are.

JOURNALIST: Where are the most of them at, then? If we were hypothetically-

ART: You talking about a handful?

JOURNALIST: Yeah, where can I find a handful of them?

ART: I don’t know, man. I’m almost finished with the boxes today. 

JOURNALIST: Alright brother.

ART: Hey, not a problem, man. I’m gonna see if I can get you some like a nice little handful. What’s your unit number?

JOURNALIST: You gonna get a handful?

ART: What’s your unit number?

JOURNALIST: 322. You gonna get a handful?

ART: I probably could, I don’t know. If it’s in there I didn’t do it.

JOURNALIST: And you’ll put some of them in there for me?

ART: I might, man. Let me see what I can do.

The footage, which was filmed in May, does not expressly show such a handoff, or Art explicitly agreeing to commit one. Project Veritas does not elaborate on what precisely the recipient could have done with those ballots had he not been an undercover journalist, but at the very least they could presumably be used to identify residents who had cast votes that would go unrecorded.

The revelation follows Project Veritas’s coverage of a Michigan USPS whistleblower who says he and his colleagues were instructed to backdate late ballots so they could be wrongfully counted, as well as other allegations of fraud in Nevada including ballots from dead residents and bad addresses, and at least one woman who was denied her right to vote after a ballot was mailed in her name.

President Donald Trump declared victory early Wednesday morning, accusing Democrats of perpetrating a “fraud on the American people” on behalf of former Vice President Joe Biden, and vowing to go to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary to stop a potential effort to steal the election.

The Trump campaign has also requested a recount in Wisconsin, while directing his legal team to intervene in Michigan, where the campaign says it was denied “meaningful access to numerous counting locations to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process” (and where reports have emerged of postal workers backdating late ballots); and in Pennsylvania, where cases have been reported of voters apparently registered to vote using the addresses of vacant lots rather than valid residences. A judge ruled Thursday that Pennsylvania must allow the Trump team to watch the counting.

Questions have also been raised over Georgia, where state Republican Party Chairman David Shafer says Republican poll watchers have had trouble being allowed to observe at various polling places, and that Fulton County resumed counting ballots in secret after observers were sent home for the evening; and in Arizona, where a lawsuit claims Maricopa County claims poll workers ruined ballots by having voters fill them out with Sharpies, which cannot be read by voting machines.

The overall presidential race is incredibly close, with preliminary counts giving Biden an edge. In Nevada, RealClearPolitics says Biden has 49.4% of the vote to Trump’s 48.5% with 86% of precincts reporting in, a margin of just 11,438 votes.

Help stop voter fraud: Project Veritas is accepting voter fraud tips here.