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(LifeSiteNews) – A recently surfaced undercover video reveals a Pfizer scientist admitting that the company knew of the potential risks of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines causing myocarditis despite refraining from sharing that information with the public. 

On Monday, conservative undercover journalism group Project Veritas posted a video on Twitter of a conversation between a journalist and a senior associate scientist at Pfizer that took place in 2021, highlighting the reality that the pharmaceutical giant ran tests to determine whether myocarditis (heart inflammation) was caused by the vaccines. 

“Big Pharma has long known of potential Covid-19 vaccine side effects,” Project Veritas wrote in a social media post. “They just didn’t want to say so publicly. In 2021 @Pfizer scientist Chris Croce told our journalist that they were already testing for links between their vaccine and myocarditis.” 

“We just sent 3,000 patients’ samples to get tested for elevated troponin levels to see if it’s vaccine based,” Croce says in the video. Higher levels of troponin would indicate heart inflammation and damage. 

The scientist added that myocarditis is a concern “more so for younger people” and the reason for that was “what we’re looking into right now.” 

The first set of samples was sent for “external testing” the week before the video was filmed and the last set was scheduled to be sent the week after the interview. 

“We’ll see,” Croce said about the results. “Hopefully it’s good. If not then, in my opinion, that might pull something from the market.” 

However, the results of the testing were not publicized and do not appear on Pfizer’s website. A press release from July 2021 shared the findings of a “six-month follow-up” study measuring the “safety and efficacy” of the Pfizer vaccine. The company stated that “the data confirm that the vaccine continues to be safe, well tolerated, and remains highly efficacious in preventing COVID-19.” 

At that time, the shots were “authorized for emergency use” for everyone age 12 and older. In the same release, Pfizer wrote that “reports of adverse events following use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine under EUA [Emergency Use Authorization] suggest increased risks of myocarditis and pericarditis, particularly following the second dose.” 

The company stated that “the decision to administer” the shots to “an individual with a history of myocarditis or pericarditis should take into account the individual’s clinical circumstances.” Additionally, both heart conditions were reported as “adverse events” even “outside of clinical trials.” 

Croce was also one of three Pfizer scientists who admitted that the pharmaceutical giant was not telling the public that natural immunity against the virus is stronger than vaccine immunity, as previously reported by LifeSiteNews. 

Since the rollout of the COVID shots, numerous cases of myocarditis have been reported, especially among young people. Studies and medical professionals have pointed to the dangerous risk of developing heart-related health issues following vaccination.  

A recent controversy is surrounding the cardiac arrest suffered by a 24-year-old professional football player on Monday night, which Dr. Peter McCullough says could be “vaccine-induced myocarditis,” a hypothesis which Dr. Anthony Fauci referred to as “complete nonsense.” 

Last month, a pediatric cardiologist warned against the shots for minors, citing a study which showed heart damage in teenage boys after receiving the Pfizer mRNA vaccines.


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