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(LifeSiteNews) – The recent death of an unborn baby has brought to light a new breed of abortionist.

An October 18 article in The Washington Post details the tragic death of an unborn 13-week-old baby made possible by an underground and illegal network of abortion pill providers.

In July, an abortion-minded pregnant woman turned to Reddit for advice, since she lived in a state that had banned abortion after the Dobbs decision. Soon after posting on the forum, she received a message from an anonymous sender telling her that abortion pills could be mailed to her for free.

According to the Post, Monica, as the newspaper called her, was not entirely against having children, but she and her boyfriend did not feel ready to be parents yet.

“Without the money or time to get an abortion out of state, Monica had tried to give herself a miscarriage,” the article reads. “First with mugwort tea, an herbal remedy she read about online, then with a heavy night of drinking. When none of that worked, she turned to Reddit.”

Monica said she felt taking the stranger’s abortion pill through the mail was her “only option.” After taking the second pill, the abortion was complete. As she lay in her bath, Monica expelled her perfectly formed child into the water.

“The fetus [baby] was floating in the water,” the article continues. “Slightly smaller than her palm, the fetus [baby] had a head, hands, and legs, she said. Defined fingers and toes.”

The young couple acknowledged that the “passed fetus” was really a baby by burying his body in a cardboard box beneath a tree. Nevertheless, they were fully convinced that they had “made the right choice.”

As it turns out, the anonymous Reddit user who provided Monica with the abortion pills was part of a much larger system of illegal activity, described by the Post as “the rise of a covert, international network delivering tens of thousands of abortion pills in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling in June that struck down Roe v. Wade.”

Since the historic ruling, women have been secretly receiving the pills through a system of local distributors. The network is advertised through social media and word of mouth and sends free abortion pills “without the safeguards of medical oversight.”

The distributed drug, Mifepristone, was originally approved in 2000 as a means of early-stage abortion. Approval for its use relied upon certain safety measures such as it being provided only by qualified healthcare professionals. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) initially limited its use to within the first seven weeks of a pregnancy. In 2016, the restriction shifted to include up to 10 weeks.

The Post interviewed various members of the illegal network, most of whom remained anonymous. One distributor who allowed her identity to be published is Verónica Cruz Sánchez, the leader of a Mexican organization called Las Libres. This feminist group, founded over 20 years ago, is dedicated to defending abortion access. On the Las Libres website, there are two pages for abortion resources. One is a guide for women who are “looking for an abortion” and the other is for those “looking to accompany” and “perform a safe abortion.”

According to the Post, the organization “is on track to help terminate approximately 20,000 pregnancies this year in the United States,” which “amounts to about 20 percent of all legal abortions that took place in 2019 in the 13 states where abortion is now almost entirely banned.”

Cruz Sánchez told the Post that her group has roughly 250 volunteers in the U.S. and that there is growing interest in participation. However, the risks of using abortion drugs run high, as there is no medical supervision and women who face complications are unwilling to turn to doctors for fear of being charged.

But despite the public website and testimonies from Cruz Sánchez, Las Libres has “long provided free abortion pills without facing any legal trouble,” even with certain pro-life laws in place in Mexico.

The group began circulating the drugs through the U.S. when Texas enacted its heartbeat bill in 2021. Since Roe was overturned, “Las Libres went from sending 10 sets of pills to the U.S. every day to sending over 100 — all at no cost to the patient.” The group’s director said that she has received massive support from Americans who are “eager to take a stand against the ruling.”  She alleges that registered nurses, pastors, and even priests are among smaller groups that she connects with to enable the illegal abortions.

Cruz Sánchez consistently fields “five or six Zoom calls a day — fundraising with American donors or teaching volunteers how to safely join her efforts.” She did not disclose which individuals or groups from the U.S. are providing funding for her illegal network.

Once the illegal pills have been sent, received and taken, the final step in the process of secretive medication abortions is to “surreptitiously dispose of the remains.” A self-described “doula” interviewed for the story explained how she sends acid to her patients to “dissolve some of the fetus [baby] and bury whatever is left.”

“I try to emotionally prepare them and say, ‘it’s going to look like a baby,’” she told the Post.

Although approved and promoted by medical groups such as the FDA and the World Health Organization (WHO), abortion pill use is accompanied by the risk of significant physical and emotional harm.

“Medication abortions are very dangerous,” Unplanned author Abby Johnson told LifeSiteNews today.

“My second abortion was a medication abortion by pill, and I thought I was dying. It was that scene in the movie Unplanned that got the film an R rating because it was so bloody. And the thing is, it was even worse in person: the pain, the blood, the fear that this was it — and I was alone with no doctor, no nurse, no one. That’s what a medication abortion is like for so many women and these pills that are being shipped are dangerous because who knows what is in them? There is no doctor and no follow-up.”

“The people who are pushing this option to women are putting them in danger,” she continued.

“Women deserve so much better than ending up on the floor of the bathroom in inestimable pain and fear. Our ministry, Loveline, can help women in difficult situations — we are only a call or text away.”

In November 2021, the Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) published a study that had discovered an increase of over 500 percent in emergency room visits after taking the mifepristone and misoprostol drugs between 2002 and 2015.

Three months later, a group summary by The Canada Vigilance Program showed four reports of life-threatening sepsis, numerous reports of hemorrhaging, and numerous failed abortions as a result of the “gold standard” abortion pill, as LifeSiteNews reported.

Additionally, a recent study from the Support After Abortion group found that most women who have medication abortions sought or wanted help after killing their preborn baby, indicating the emotional pain that accompanies the physical risks of the abortion pill.

And despite their blatant admission that mailing abortion pills illegally and secretly poses a great many risks to everyone involved, the underground movement continues.

“Someone is going to end up getting less than ideal treatment, and someone is probably going to get arrested,” Cruz Sánchez said. “There are just so many things that could go wrong.”


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