UNFPA Admits to Using “Catholic” Dissident Groups to Further its Population Agenda



NEW YORK, June 4, 2004 ( - New York’s Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute the UN watchdog, has warned for some time against organizations such as Catholics for a Free Choice that attempt to undermine the pro-life work of Catholic groups and individuals. Now C-Fam has uncovered an internal UN document that shows the effort to undermine the pro-life position of the Catholic Church in general has been conscious and deliberate.

On May 18 the United Nations Population Fund issued a report revealing its strategy for weakening Catholic opposition to the UN’s abortion, contraception and sterilization campaign. According to the report, the UNFPA has made a policy of collaborating with organizations that maintain a veneer of Catholicism but which fundamentally dissent from its major teachings on the sanctity of life. The strategy has been doubly effective; on the one hand it used the dissenting Catholics within the organizations to supress the legitimate voice of Catholic opposition and on the other, it can point to the involvement of Catholic organizations to legitimize its radical population reduction agenda.

The 32-page report, titled, “Working from Within: Culturally Sensitive Approaches in UNFPA Programming” shows that the UNFPA has worked in nine different Catholic countries to overturn laws protecting the unborn from abortion and women from sterilization, activities it refers to in the normal UN parlance as “reproductive rights and health.” Austin Ruse, in C-Fam’s Friday Fax for June 4, 2004, quotes the report specifying Brazil as one of the predominantly Catholic countries that has fallen under UNFPA influence through the agency of Catholic organizations. “Within the Catholic Church, certain progressive branches exist, including the Communidades Eclesiais de Base, whose Catholic clergy understand the harsh realities of the country’s poor and are ardent advocates on their behalf.” The organizations referred to by the report here, the “Communidades Eclesiais de Base” or “Catholic Base Communities”, were founded by Catholic priests in the 1970’s and guided by Marxist-influenced theological ideas that have since been condemned by Church authorities.

It was not only direct access to poor women and families that the UNFPA received from what it calls “selective Catholic collaboration,” but public respectability. The report says, “For UNFPA, working with Pastoral lent a certain legitimacy to its efforts and facilitated its involvement with grass-roots communities.”

The report brags about the success of using Catholic family aid organizations to spread contraception. “Although the emphasis was on birth spacing through natural methods, modern methods of contraception were also introduced. “Pastoral da Crianca” provided all of this information to their volunteers, who, in turn, conveyed it to their clients during home visits.” Ruse writes that after the Pope’s pastoral visit to Brazil in 2000, Pastoral da Crianca severed ties with the UNFPA.  The UNFPA strategy follows plans developed many years ago by International Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. Sanger realized that one of the most effective methods of manipulating religious people to betray their moral principles was to recruit and train religious leaders to influence their denominations to accept depopulation producing practices such as explicit sex-ed, contraception and abortion.  Read revealing LifeSiteNews document on the massive, worldwide influence of Planned Parenthood and other racist eugenics and population control leaders.

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