UNITED NATIONS, June 23 ( – What was supposed to be a victory for radical feminists in forcing abortion on poor nations turned out as a victory for pro-life forces lobbying at the United Nations. United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Executive Director Nafis Sadik, one of the world’s most vociferous abortion proponents, wept as she edited a speech she delivered to the Beijing +5 conference June 9.  The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-Fam) reports this week that Sadik was bitterly angry as she delivered her speech, making it plain she was unhappy with the progress of the meeting.

“I had hoped to deliver a different sort of statement today, pointing out all the progress that has been made by women and on behalf of women since we met five years ago in Beijing,” Sadik’s began. “I had hoped to be able to join in congratulating all the participants in this process for your work to consolidate the movement towards equality and justice for all the world’s people. Unfortunately, it seems that this Special Session is still unable to agree on language concerning some of the most basic human rights as they affect women.”

Sadik’s most strident criticism came on the question of abortion wherein she charged her opponents with wanting “death, disease and suffering ” for women. Sadik specifically cited her support of a paragraph in the new document that would have increased “access” to abortion and mandated that medical personnel learn the abortion procedure even if violates their consciences.  This paragraph was soundly defeated a few hours after Sadik’s speech.

With files from C-Fam

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