Tuesday October 24, 2000


Trick or Treaters Should Not Support UNICEF’s Abortion Mandate

NEW YORK, Oct 24 ( – UNICEF has once again shown its pro-abortion colours by giving an award to population control fanatic Ted Turner. In New York Monday, Turner was awarded the Trick or Treat Partner Award from the UNICEF at a dinner celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Trick or Treat for UNICEF campaign.

A National Catholic Register (NCR) article reported in Zenit News demonstrates that support for UNICEF means funding abortion, contraception and sterilization programs in the Third World. The Oct. 22 edition of the US Catholic paper quotes Archbishop Fernando Saenz Lacalle of San Salvador condemning a 170-page sex-education booklet designed by UNICEF and El Salvador’s Ministries of Health and Education for training adolescents on sexuality issues including contraception, homosexuality and abortion.

The NCR article also interviewed Campaign Life Coalition’s Winnifred Prestwich a noted authority on UNICEF and author of UNICEF: Guilty as Charged available free on LifeSite at:

John Klink, adviser to the Holy See mission to the United Nations, reminded NCR readers that “The Holy See used to give a symbolic contribution of $2,000 each year to UNICEF. … It was a sort of imprimatur that other Catholic individuals and organizations could give to the organization in good faith.” When UNICEF began to violate Catholic teaching on life and family issues the Vatican tried first to earmark funds for licit activities. But after UNICEF became more brazen in its abortion promotion the Vatican withdrew funding altogether.

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