Sergio Burga

UNICEF should rename itself the United Nations Sex for Children Fund - UNISEX

Sergio Burga
By Sergio Burga

December 4, 2012 ( - The debate over a new Code on Childhood and Adolescence is raging in Peru. On the one side are UNICEF, UNFPA, Save the Children and a coalition of abortion-minded and radical feminist groups, many, if not most, of whom are foreign funded. These groups believe that the most important “rights of the child” center around so-called “sexual and reproductive rights.” They encourage the early onset of sexual activity and massive condom distribution schemes for kids as young as 14 to deal with the increased risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases that will result.

On the other side are the Catholic Church, pro-life NGOs and, of course, PRI, who believe that sexual pleasure, while it has its place, is not the main point of human life. Science shows that sex is best in lifelong monogamous relationships called marriages, and that condoms are a flimsy excuse for lack of self control in sexual matters that, in the fumbling fingers of adolescents, do little to stop either pregnancy or disease.

The debate centers around Article 27 of the Code, which is called “Rights to Sexual and Reproductive Health.” To understand what this phrase means, we have to go back to the Action Programme of the International Conference on Population and Development held in Cairo in 1994. “Reproductive rights” was there advanced as a panacea for poverty, by those who believed that the only thing necessary to eradicate the poor was the widespread availability of legal abortion, sterilization on demand, and free contraception, along with enough sex education to overcome the reluctance of women and children to access these “health services.”

It is thus no surprise that pro-abortion NGOs such as Manuela Ramos and PROMSEX are heavily promoting this initiative. The new “sexual and reproductive rights” being added to our legal framework would pave the way for the legalization of abortion.

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“Reproductive and Sexual Rights Services”

Article 27 mandates that the government provide, for teenagers 14 years of age and older, access to “information, guidance, and sexual and reproductive health services.” It is important to note how mechanistic the information provided in sex-ed courses is, and how it totally lacks what would commonly be understood as “guidance.” The training of character and education in morals is considered to be irrelevant. The emotional and psychological needs of children and adolescents are ignored. Children are reduced to their genitalia.

Contraceptives would be distributed to teenagers without the foreknowledge or consent of their parents or guardians. Such contraceptives would include invasive methods such as IUDs or Depo-Provera injections, along with the indiscriminate distribution of condoms. So-called “confidential sexual health services” could also include vasectomies or tubal ligations. Parents are to be shut out from making medical decisions about their children if the treatment has anything to do with sex, an arbitrary and indefensible violation of parent’s rights.

UNICEF defends this attack on parents and their children by alleging that high rates of teen pregnancy demand action. But they undercut their own arguments by portraying their initiative as an effort to help adolescents achieve “sexual freedom,” that is, “the ability to decide when to initiate a sexual life.” The principal goal of such a “sexual life” is, in the view of the U.N., pleasure seeking. Avoiding pregnancy and avoiding sexually transmitted diseases are just secondary goals.

Phony Studies Refuted

The UN agency and its allies defends its efforts to sexualize the young by citing “studies” that they themselves have carried out and published. Independent and objective scientific studies paint a very different picture on age of sexual initiation.

- A 2002 study by the group, Surveillance of Citizens Rights in Health, gave the average age of adolescent sexual initiation as “16.8 years old in men and the 18.9 years old in women.” However, the study went on to note that “there are large variations between regions and educational levels”.
- The Ministry of Health of Peru carried out a 2010 Global School Health Survey among students in their 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of secondary education. These students, who were 14, 15, and 16 years of age, reported that only 19.7% of their number (28.3% of boys and 11.1% of girls) had had intercourse.
- According to the ongoing ENDES 2011 survey of demography and family health, the median age of first sexual intercourse is 19.0 years in urban areas and 17.7 years in rural areas.

The late onset of sexual activity in Peru suggests that any program to encourage “sexual and reproductive rights” will only encourage sexual activity among teenagers and result in higher rates of out-of-wedlock pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Adolescent Capacity

UNICEF attempts to justify its push for sexual rights for kids by suggesting that they are already sufficiently developed both physically and psychologically to decide whether or not to have intercourse. This, as any parent of a 14-year-old can tell you, is patent nonsense.

The reason why Peruvian law, like the laws of most countries, considers adolescents under the age of 18 to be “juveniles” is precisely because they do not possess the mental maturity to be considered adults. Why would we exempt matters of sexuality from the general protection that we afford, through parents, guardians, and the law itself, to young people under the age of 18? The earlier the onset of sexual activity, the more likely it is to place the moral, psychological, and physical health of the young at risk. Such a change in the law would weaken existing legal protections against sexual abuse and exploitation currently enjoyed by the young.

The imposition of “sexual and reproductive rights” on Peru’s children should be resisted. The claim that such an agenda serves to “protect childhood and adolescence” is the obverse of the truth. There is nothing more dangerous to the the child than this effort to make him or her, in matters of sexuality, a free agent, unprotected by either the law or parental love.

It is a strange and perverted agenda that has reduced the Convention on the Rights of the Child to this.

Reprinted with permission from the Population Research Institute.

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Kim Davis refusing to issue marriage license to same-sex couple Frame from Times video
Mass Resistance

Kim Davis jailing only beginning of what is in store for America as revealed in June 27 “gay” magazine

Mass Resistance

September 4, 2015 (Mass Resistance) --The judge told her that she’ll stay in jail until she’s willing to change her mind -- and go against her conscience and faith. He said that he’d review the situation in a week. The judge said that he jailed her because fining her  “would not bring about the desired result of compliance”.

There are approximately 125 county officials throughout Kentucky who can issue “gay marriage” licenses. But the judge was adamant that every county official must be forced to do it and that religious freedom cannot be allowed, despite the First Amendment.  “The idea of natural law superseding this court’s authority would be a dangerous precedent indeed,” he said.

See video of Kim Davis, turning away very angry same-sex couple demanding a marriage license.

In 2004, 75% of Kentucky voters passed a State Constitutional Amendment restricting marriage to one man and one woman. On Thursday, Sept. 3, County Clerk Kim Davis was sent to jail by U.S. District Judge David Bunning because she refuses to issue “gay marriage” licenses, a decision which she says is rooted in her strong Christian faith.

The post-“gay marriage” revolution

Most pro-family people didn’t see the chilling article that appeared in The Nation, a major left-wing magazine, the day before the U.S. Supreme Court “gay marriage” ruling came out. The article outlines where the LGBT movement is going after “gay marriage.”

The Nation article, “What’s Next for the LGBT Movement?”, quotes four high-profile LGBT activists who reveal that “gay marriage” was never their final goal. The LGBT movement will not be stopping to rest, they say. Their plan is to delegitimize and crush all opposition to their agenda everywhere in America – particularly in the churches -- no matter how small.

Some of the things the article outlines:

  • “Dis-establish marriage.”  “Gay marriage” was simply a stepping stone. Their actual goal is that there be no formal marriage rules at all. This means group marriages are next, then incestuous marriages, and later even marriages to minors. It would simply be up to the people directly involved to decide.
  • Pass strong LGBT “non-discrimination” laws across the US. These are the laws that force bakers to bake “gay marriage” cakes or face huge punishments. Such laws would also force schools to include LGBT indoctrination. Most states still do not have the onerous laws the LGBT movement demands. The activists refer to those states (mostly in the South and Midwest) as “zones without rights” in their propaganda.
  • Ban all “religious liberty” laws. They consider religious liberty to be a dangerous ploy to “undermine all civil rights laws” that must be stopped at all costs. All people must be forced to follow the LGBT agenda, with no exceptions.
  • Demonize pro-family conservatives and silence all dissent. They plan to direct “massive amounts of funds” to “expose and defeat the right wing” across America.
  • Push a radical political agenda. They plan to leverage their power to support Marxist economic policies, the right to “early term abortion,” and similar policies.

Starting to happen

Last month the Denver City Council moved to deny the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain permission to do business at the Denver Airport because the company’s president said he does not agree with “gay marriage.” One Council member labeled the president’s pro-marriage beliefs “discriminatory political rhetoric,” and must not be allowed to make profits from the city’s airport. (Chick-fil-A restaurants have never been accused of actually discriminating against anyone.)

The national homosexual group Human Rights Campaign is already raising millions of dollars to fight religious freedom laws around the country.

And of course, there’s the upswing of left-wing hate and demonization of religious people. The day after Kim Davis was jailed, the Boston Globe prominently published an op-ed article titled “Kim Davis follows the footsteps of George Wallace” which states, among other things, that “Davis is just the latest in a long, infernal line of fanatics to contort their so-called faith into an excuse for hatred and division.” The Left’s hatred of religious people is visceral, and now it’s coming to the forefront.

Lots of hypocrisy

The jailing of Kim Davis by Judge Bunning, like most of the Left’s actions, has more than a whiff of hypocrisy. When San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom began illegally ordering county clerks to issue “gay marriage” licenses in 2004, or in 2009 when California clerks (and the Governor) ignored the Prop 8 ruling against issuing “gay marriage” licenses, no judge intervened at all. 

Cowards and compromisers

It pains us to say it, but for decades the pro-family movement has been crippled from gaining ground by cowards and compromisers, from top to bottom. Don’t get us started on what led to the disastrous the Supreme Court “gay marriage” ruling.  And it continues with the Kim Davis issue.

While Kim Davis sits in jail, five of her six deputy clerks shamelessly have agreed to abide by the judge’s wishes and started issuing “gay marriage” licenses. (The one holdout is her son.) According to news reports, starting the very next day they were issuing them quite cheerfully, even shaking the hands of the newly “married” homosexual couples.

A disturbing number of pro-family and church leaders across the country have sided with the Federal Judge, saying that Kim Davis should go to jail for “not following the law.”  (Actually there is no “law” on the books – it is only a court ruling. Nor could the judge cite such a law.) 

Even the National Review has published an article saying “[R]eligious-liberty protections cannot act as a bar to gay couples: If the law permits a U.S. citizen to get a license, there must be a way for the gay couple to access it, with their dignity intact."
Wonderful. What a lame movement we're in!

What can good people do?

We can certainly see what’s coming up. It’s a hardcore take-no-prisoners approach. We must react accordingly. What most of our movement has tried hasn’t worked and isn’t going to work.

MassResistance believes that their whole program must be confronted. Using what resources we have, we believe in taking the offensive. This means challenging that movement everywhere we can. First and foremost means not holding back on telling the unabashed truth, no matter what the consequences. (For example, most conservatives are squeamish about talking about the well-documented medical and psychological destructiveness of homosexual behavior.)

The LGBT movement wins when we become afraid to confront them. 

This article was originally published on the website of Mass Resistance and is re-published with permission.

Hillary Clinton
Ben Johnson Ben Johnson Follow Ben

, ,

Obama and Hillary support Christian clerk’s arrest over gay ‘marriage’

Ben Johnson Ben Johnson Follow Ben
By Ben Johnson

ROWAN COUNTY, KY, September 4, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- The front runner for the Democratic presidential nomination believes that Kim Davis deserved to be jailed.

Shortly following Kim Davis' arrest on Thursday afternoon, Hillary Clinton retweeted a story about Davis' arrest for refusing to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples, saying all elected officials "should be held to their duty to uphold the law - end of story."

The White House seconded that assessment. The punishment - jail time, rather than a fine - was "appropriate," White House spokesman Josh Earnest said during his daily press briefing on Thursday.

The Obama administration spokesperson went on to say that "the principle of the rule of law is central to our democracy."

Calls to imprison Christians who refuse to participate in same-sex "marriage" have intensified on the Left since the late June Supreme Court decision that imposed same-sex "marriage" on the nation.

As Davis was taken out of the federal court room to her jail cell, gay activists yelled, "Love won! Love won!"

Shortly after her arrest, opinion writer E.J. Montini wrote that Davis "was found in contempt of court and sent to jail. Good."

Their position could hardly contrast more sharply with those of some Republican presidential contenders.

Mike Huckabee is holding a #ImWithKim rally in Kentucky on Tuesday to support Davis, who remains in jail today.

Sen. Ted Cruz has said the arrest - which was ordered by a Republican-appointed federal judge - constituted "judicial tyranny."

Not all Republicans agree, though. Chris Christie said that he would demand that clerks participate in the public recognition of same-sex "marriage" regardless of their religious convictions. Lindsey Graham and Carly Fiorina have had similar sentiments.

Featured Image
Ben Johnson Ben Johnson Follow Ben

, ,

Ted Cruz: Kim Davis’ arrest is ‘tyranny’ intended to drive Christians from office

Ben Johnson Ben Johnson Follow Ben
By Ben Johnson

ROWAN COUNTY, KY, September 4, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) - The arrest of Kim Davis has sent shock waves throughout the nation - and a clear message: Christians have no place in the public square, according to Sen. Ted Cruz.

When the deeply religious clerk was hauled off to jail Thursday afternoon, "judicial lawlessness crossed into judicial tyranny," Cruz said.

Same-sex "marriage" was imposed on the nation by a 5-4 Supreme Court judgment authored by Justice Anthony Kennedy. The arrest of Kim Davis on "contempt of court" charges was ordered by U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning, a George W. Bush appointment who is the son of former moderate Republican senator and baseball great Jim Bunning of Kentucky.

"Those who are persecuting Kim Davis believe that Christians should not serve in public office," Cruz said.

His analysis is shared by former Sen. Rick Santorum. He warned, "More and more people of faith will face the penalties Ms. Davis is now encountering if we do not make the necessary accommodations so people can not just worship but live out their faith in their lives."

Santorum called for passing the First Amendment Defense Act to prevent scenes of clerks being arrested, florists being fined, and bakers being forced out of business.

"This is wrong. This is not America," said Cruz, who recently hosted a Rally for Religious Liberty that featured many of those whose businesses have suffered for following their faith on the issue of sexuality. "I stand with Kim Davis. Unequivocally."

"I stand with every American that the Obama administration is trying to force to choose between honoring his or her faith or complying with a lawless court opinion," Cruz said. “I call upon every believer, every Constitutionalist, every lover of liberty to stand with Kim Davis."

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee will literally do that, as he hosts an #ImWithKim rally in Kentucky on Tuesday to support Davis.

Cruz joins other Republican presidential candidates who support the Kentucky Christian clerk.

"I think it's absurd to put someone in jail for exercising their religious liberty," Sen. Paul, R-KY, told CNN on Thursday afternoon. "I think it's a real mistake to be doing this."

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida agreed, “There should be a way to protect the religious freedom and conscience rights of individuals working in the office.”

However, other candidates disagreed. Chris Christie said on Fox News Sunday that laws should be enforced against Christians who decline to participate in gay "marriages."

Sen. Lindsey Graham and Carly Fiorina similarly agree Davis should have issued the marriage licenses, regardless of her faith.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted that laws should be enforced, as she shared a story of Davis' arrest on Twitter.


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