OTTAWA, Feb 23 ( – Pro-life, pro-family delegates to this past weekend’s United Alternative convention in Ottawa are cautiously optimistic about the direction of this political movement.  Many positive amendments to proposed resolutions were passed including those aimed at respecting the fundamental rights of life, freedom and property; respecting the family as the building block of society; recognizing the supremacy of Parliament in creating laws and opposing judicial activism.

See the UA resolutions here.

There are, however, some causes for concern.  Some of the main conference organizers hold strong social liberal views.  Furthermore, Preston Manning continues to promote his Pontius Pilate type of approach to the abortion and homosexuality issues, whereby specific party policies are avoided and these types of issues are decided by referendum.

The final impression is that there is an opportunity for social conservatives with the UA movement. This new party process and the major changes that it proposes to our institutions might be the beginning of Canada’s recovery from its accelerating collapse of respect for life and family.

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