LONDON, Sept 23 ( – Speaking in London at the launch of the United Nations Population Fund’s latest report on world population, UNFPA head Nafis Sadik claimed that the Vatican has admitted defeat on family planning issues at the UN. Although the claims are outlandish and lack documentation, the media’s proliferation of the propaganda has necessitated a response from the Catholic Church. 

Fr. Anthony Fratiero, attaché to the Vatican’s permanent observer to the UN, told LifeSite that a refutation of Sadik’s comments is forthcoming. Sadik, an ardent pusher of abortion,  contraception and sterilization through the UN, seems to view the Vatican as her number one enemy. Critics describe her missive as, at best, “wishful thinking.”

“They believe that the debate has been lost. Even strongly Catholic countries such as Honduras or Malta have family planning and sexual health programs and the Church has let it go,” Sadik said about the Vatican. She added the Holy See has “accepted that the international community has accepted that family planning is one of the human rights of women. The Holy See has given up trying to change that position at the UN.”

With files from The London Telegraph.